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  1. I'm not a part of their moderator team, I just frequent their sim a lot and I'm often there when this user starts griefing/crashing the server/etc. Every one of his accounts has been blocked and banned by the sim, he just makes a new one and comes back. Note that the sim requires you to have payment info and be age verified. I'm curious as to what LL can do about somebody like this. The sim owner is disabled and gets really, really worked up about this stuff. I usually just leave sims that have this problem but the owner often gets drunk and threatens to shut down the sim over this one gu
  2. Sorry, accounting stuff is overwhelming to me. The starting/ending balance was always 0 (regardless of how much activity there was) so I wasn't sure what to make of them. Thanks a bunch!
  3. Ah, thank you so much! It says (USD) above those terms, though, so do you mean $ instead of L$? And also, does that mean the balance adjustment is money I successfully spent, or is it money that was returned because it didn't go through? Sorry for all the questions!
  4. I'm currently trying to add up how much money I've spent and I'm not sure how to interpret the different categories. There's... Starting balance Recurring mainland fees Balance adjustment L$ Quick buy Value added tax Ending balance Do I just add up each number from each category and that's how much I've spent? Balance adjustment is in brackets, so do I ignore that? Thanks!
  5. My friend is letting me live on his parcel. I don't have to pay, but I'd like to do something to pay him back and I wondered if my "free" 1024 sqm could be used to lower the maintenance cost of his place, since that's how it would work if I wanted to personally own somewhere bigger than that.
  6. What do you need doing? I've got some experience and I'd be happy to help, depending on what you're asking for. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. At least 200 prims The cheaper the better, but L540 is the max I'd be able to pay on a weekly basis No limitations as to what I can do with the land. So, terraform if I want, change the name, make it private, maybe use it as a store, ect. Uh I'm really bad at visualizing the size of things, but my old place used to have an area of 1020 m2 and that was perfect, maybe that's useful info. Just a heads up, I'll have some breedables staying there, if that matters. Not really sure if I'm asking for too much, new to this.
  8. I want to double check before I upload anything, sorry if I'm in the wrong place. I'm using blender to make an avatar head and I'm wondering- If I make something with individual meshes and then export them as one collada file altogether, will SL recognize each individual mesh as being it's own face that I can retexture individually, or do I have to upload each mesh individually and then link them together in-game?
  9. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I can't find anywhere else so.. sorry if I'm in the wrong place. Basically, I'm terible at socializing. My first ever account was made in early to mid 2013, and I somehow managed to make tons of great friends. Now I've come back with a new account in 2015 and I just can't do it. I can't even remember how I made my old friends, I didn't approach them, it just kinda happened. It seems so much harder to do now, for me, and I don't know why :\ I'm able to make friends in other games, like TF2 and TTT, where being social isn't a huge part of it, b
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