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  1. The last three years I have a store, I am making and selling clothes, shoes and such... In the past I had a store with furniture and skyboxes, on another avatar and during my first SL years I was not working (I gave a try to a few jobs back then but didnt really suit me)
  2. Hello, I need someone with a mesh body/bodies and/or mesh parts to check the huds etc on new releases. This is not a paid job, or too much time to spend on it, I just need someone who will be available the same day and will give the few minutes needed to make sure everything functions as it should. In return you will keep the clothes you will check. Only notecards in-world, please (Ims get capped daily)
  3. I am looking for an assistant to undertake various small tasks (no spamming groups, modeling or anything similar) Some knowledge of building is required (not much and I can help a lot if needed) Payment depends on hours/abilities Please send me a notecard in-world if interested An assistant has been found - thanks everyone for your interest
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