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  1. thank you! i am glad someone is saying this. it is really eally unfair to have abusive behavour pushed on you when you simply want to travel and visit places and explore worlds. it is really unfair and wrong because you are told that you must put up with really wrong behavour, and mistreated if you have morals and integrity and dare to show it. yes, i would like an answer to that too. so far, i have been visiting sl events, a great deal of them has some of the sleezeist behavour i have seen. i want to live without that garbage being shoved at me. i would love to know of some very respectful "garbage free" zones please. i am sorry for just storming into your thread Lipstick. but this has been bothering me for a very long time.
  2. Hello, i hope you can help me. i have been trying to create a Hair (or outfit ) HUD which allows you to click on a picture of hair you already own (and you have in a folder in your RLV folders) wear what is in that folder in your inventory connected to the picture on your hud (for example: you put five pictures in your hud, which connect to five folders in your RLV folders (folder 1, folder 2, folder 3 and so on) click on the 1st picture and it attaches the hair inside RLV / HAIR FOLDERS/ folder 1 to you. when you are ready to detach your hair , click on the same picture in that hud and it takes off the folder attached to that folder. here is an example of what i am trying to make:  i have been trying to make one, but so far i have only been able to use a script that you must put into each prim that will show a clickable hair in your HUD . i wanted to make the script attach a folder depending on where you click on the hud (example: hair folder 1, hair folder 2) but i am very very bad at scripting and cannot figure out how to do this. this is the script i am using : -------------------------------- ///simple script using the script i found here : http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Toy_Wylie/RLV_Documentation/attach string folder="attach/hairl/hairfolder1"; default { on_rez(integer num) { llResetScript(); } state_entry() { llOwnerSay("Touch me to attach the contents of the folder #RLV/"+folder); } touch_start(integer num) { if(llDetectedKey(0)==llGetOwner()) { llOwnerSay("@attach:"+folder+"=force"); llOwnerSay("Folder contents have been attached."); } } } ----------------------------------- if anyone knows how to do this , i would love some help. i have been trying to learn scripting since last year in the hopes i could create this, but just havnt gotten anywhere with this since. i hope someone out there might know how to make this happen, and thanks for your time in taking a look at this either way!
  3. SloverDrive, thank you again!! your information helped me to export my animation closer to what it looked like in liveanimation. Can i ask you one more question? : how can you import a second life avatar into LiveAnimation? i really want to use a sl avatar because it would make it easer to make the animation for the sl body measurements i hope you can help me, and have a good day
  4. i found your tutorials by accident, i really like your tutorial and thank you for creating it! i am having a problum with exporting my animation to sl. i followed your tutorial and it looked great! but when i used bvhacker and then uploaded it to sl, the animation did not work smoothly anymore i wish i knew how to get the great smooth animation i created in liveanimation to look the same when i upload it to sl. but thank you Sloverdrive for helping usto use a program we would not have been able to use because it is in a different language. your tutorial helped me alot
  5. thanks for taking the time to help me amethyst! i am not good at scripting, but i couldnt afford a scripter, so i'll just hold onto the idea for now and hope someone creates one in the future. thanks for your time and your help though!
  6. Hello, does anyone know if there is a lsl script out there that can change textures on a prim depending on time of day? i do not mind if it only works with the day and night of secondlife or if it works with rl time of day, but as hard as i look i cannot find any. i am new to scripting so maybe that is why. i want one to use to change textures depending on what time of day it is, but havnt found any so far. any of you knowledgeable on the subject or even someone who has seen one available could possibly help me? thank you for your time in looking at my message, and have a great day eitherway
  7. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me Ela Talaj! very thoughtful of you. however i must disagree, i myself have used an hud which does just that (i bought it from the marketplace) i do not know if it uses lsl, but it is powered using rlv. you click on the hud and it attaches the folder conected by name to the prim you clicked from your inventory right to you. it uses a shared folder system which is in rlv. my problum is that i want to find a script one which i can use as a click attach which i can use myself in my own prims. i'm having a hard time finding information on how to do this because the only scripts avalable are the ones which let you add clothing to yourself through a slave collar system :( and none of those use pictures, not that i would want to use a slave system anyway. so i'm trying to find a script to create my own
  8. subject: wanted: RLV Attach from inventory script? Hello i hope someone can help me, i am looking high and low for a script which when put in a prim and clicked, attatches something from your rlv shared inventory folder to you. it seems like such a simple idea but as hard as i look, i cannot find even one script which does this. does anyone know where you can find a script that does that or anyone kind enough to create one? i would be grateful to find one, and thank for all for any help you can give me ~Princesskalika
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