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  1. I have been getting partial logins, with some level or other of the "Requesting Region Capabilities" failing... Windows Vista Business SP2 ISP - Demon Internet Setup PC -<ethernet>- Modem/Router - <ADSL/phoneline> My ISP (Problem also occurs with Windows 7 laptop connected via wireless) My PC IP - (usually) - Modem, Default gateway, DNS & DHCP servers also In router config Default gateway DNS currently set to Google and, but fault also occurs while I use the DNS supplied by my ISP Router is Belkin N300 I see from various forum posts that network reliability is blamed for the problems during requestion region capabilities,however, I have run continuous MTR on the sim servers (as provided from help about in the viewer) and I see no notable differences in the transit times, ping response times or any notable packet loss during the times that I have problems and the times that I don't. There do seem to be times when it happens more often - around 2pm uk time (6am SLT) and after 10pm uk (2pm SLT) particularly, which is an additional pain as those are times I am most likely to want to log in.
  2. I have been using SL for over 3 years, but just recently, I have been getting failures when logging in: During login - I see that the Requesting Capabilities part seems to sometimes take a long time, and sometimes, comes up with Attempt 2, Attempt 3 - When the login is complete after that, I seem to missing certain things - e.g. my FList comes up with () instead of names and when chats open, they show as "loading..." I can see some objects but not others, e.g. mesh furniture (though sometimes, I can see my mesh clothing but not mesh items) I did change routers lately, but the problem didn't appear immediately after the new router - it was a few weeks later. It doesn't always happen, and does seem more likely to happen if I log in after 11pm (UK time = 3pm SLT), although more recently, it has been happening mid afternoon (UK time) too. I know my graphics are underpowered for SL, but it has always worked (albeit slowly) up until recently. I am on the latest version of Firestorm (32 bit) on Windows Vista SP2 (but while the problem is happening, it also happens on SL viewer) I've tried various things I found around the net - using Google's DNS instead of my local ISP.. doing a clean install etc, defragging my disk, shutting down all my other programs, turning off my malware protection etc. The way it happens - the initial login seems to take longer, and the requesting capabilities takes longer, suggests maybe I am getting performance issues, but running speed tests to servers in CA doesn't show up any such. I don't know what else has changed unless something in a Windows update is slugging the communications Suggestions?
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