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  1. Hi everyone Reading this.My name is Dior Armani, judgng by the name then youd know that i love to shop.Currently i am looking for some sisters or brothers and friends and somehow start a family.i am a very kind and sweet person who nejoys a good laugh and enjoys the little things in life....someday i plan to be really surrounded by lots of people..it doesnt matter what walk of lifeu are from...im happy to make ur acquaintance...if u see urself becoming my friend or sister nd being a part of my family plese contactme at animebitch resident in world id gladlt add u
  2. hi id love to be ur sister as well .im a really nice person and im laid back as well I love to laughand im a very happy person....most of the time add me
  3. i am lookin to start a family and more like a sisterhood..i could really use some sisters and brothers and maybe a bestfriend just to make my sl more interesting...please contactme inworld if u would like to meet up...youll be surprised how well we may click
  4. hi..i feel exactly the same way that you do and ur story is a definition of me...id love to be friends
  5. Alot of you are reluctant to tlk to me because of my name but i do wish tht you would let me speak before u judge me..i am a reallly nice person and i would just love to spread joy and love all over sl but i cant with my name...i cnt want to make a new avatar because this one holds the key to alot of my memories..i made the name when i was 17 and i must say tht i do regret doing so but i wish i could get a chance to let ppl see tht im a sweet person....with tht being said im still looking for a family wether a dult or baby so contact me if u please ..ℜοץαլլз Gℓєиdзνοn
  6. Hi the names Royalle Barnett.. i am seeking a neew best friend. some one who i can chat to alot and skype when im bored an d we can laugh and talk on voice abt abunch of weird **bleep**.. who can go shopping with me and we go to different places to gether...someone who id do anything for someone who has my bacckand i always have theirs..someone who is funny and outgoing and is as crazy as i am...i had a best friend like tht but she stole something important from me tht i dont think if she ever returned it id be happy to call her a freind,,,please someone message me or im me in real life....animebitch resident....i like anime but im not a **bleep**....its kinda a long story hahahahahha so someone plaease make my acquaintance and be my new bestie
  7. i am lookinf for someone who would like to live with me...they do not have to have altta stuff and all u pay is 50 lindens a week i live in a 6 bedroomed house below are some pics of the place where i live.....i am still decorating and adding trees and shrubbery but id love to have someone over....if u dnt have furniture i charge and extra 20 lindens but i am an understanding person...i pay 3 k a week wich i dnt mind paying just so long as i can have company...i am currently pregnant with my daughter...eeeep cant wait!! blabbing too much but yeaa if ur interested u can contact me Animebitch Resident...( weird name i know but i made this avi when i was yound and stupid)
  8. so i am looking to have a child like an adult daughter or adult son i am currently pregnant thu IVF and i would just like to have a family i have a nice house and it has 6 rooms but its just myself everyday i decorate a room hahaha cause of boredom but i do need a family...a man would be nice too
  9. hi im also looking for a family i been on here since 2009 but been facing probs and so on...if ud like tomeet u can just lemme kno
  10. what kind of person exactly are usearching nfor male female......u know?
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