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  1. WE HAVE A NHC TSQ311 media . i thought premium accts could use tv media , we fillowed the intsructions and media will not work , is this terms of premium homes /. would like good feedback on this thank you
  2. George061257

    tv as premiun

    as a premium member are radios , tvs, orbs allowed
  3. need help on premium membership, like to know how to set up security , rezz rights and media like tv and radio Thank you
  4. i'd like to know benfits of premium membership .. details like home.. land etc
  5. need help please.. my wife rachell77 can not move using the arrows all settings seem ok. she reloaded viewer and detached all huds, any help would be appreciated
  6. What do i need to be a dj in sl ?
  7. I would like to know what software and apps are needed in second life to be a dj as well
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