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  1. I have no experience with magic huds, so id like to ask for some help to find a neat one. I would want to get a relatively new magic hud, that is low lag and is well made. I know of the older ones but i dont really trust older items since they seem to be laggy and buggy. If anyone knows anything that would be nice for me please let me know! Thanks for the help!
  2. I am making some HUDs, similar to LIFE hud but better and less pricy. Id be great if anyone helped me script these huds , you will get a part of the L$ i will earn, and get for free everything you helped me script, including unlimited food so you dont have to spend any money. If you at least help me learn how to script so i can do all this on my own you can get the huds for free and food. Sounds kinda stupid that i want to make exactly this when i cant even script but hey, i cant leave a good idea slip by even if i dont have the skill to bring it to life right?
  3. Looking for 5000+ prims, may be resold and subdivided. Im me inworld if you have a 1/2 Sim for rent or send me notecard. :)
  4. It might be my computer? My internet maybe? I have no clue.
  5. The thing is ALL of my non rigged objects do this, the scripted and non scripted ones, the mesh and non mesh ones, the object will ALWAYS reset to its default position and size (unless i resized it with a script) and its really bothering me.
  6. Having hardcore OCD when I purchase something new I allways like to set a custom position so it looks natural on my avatar, or the position is just not where I want it to be, and when I take it off the position resets! I sometimes have to resize it too and the size ALSO resets, can I stop this? This has never happened before, or maybe I haven't noticed it before, but its really bothering me, please help.
  7. Im trying to add my visa credit card so i can buy lindens but it just keeps giving me "temporary error" every single time! I contacted support but they are not replying, does anyone know anything about this?
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