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  1. Can anyone shed any light on this.... In firestorm I suddenly started getting graphical glitches where light sources are sort of mirrored all over the screen. Turning off basic shaders stops the problem, but of course that makes the graphics in general look much worse. I have tried with different viewers and it's only firestorm this is happening with. Here is an example of what I'm talking about, with basic shaders off on the left, and with them on on the right. Any ideas what could be causing it?
  2. I've tried all the obvious things, nothing has worked. Tried logging in to lots of different locations etc.
  3. When I was able to log in to secondlife.com through the VPN I could see that lots of people on my friends list are online, so this must be some weird problem only affecting a small amount of users.
  4. I don't think I've experienced this before, it's really weird and there seems to be no mention of it on any status websites or any official word on it. What's happening!?
  5. I can't log in as well. Secondlife.com and the marketplace won't load either. I tried going through a VPN and weirdly secondlife.com and marketplace load but I still can't log in to SL itself.
  6. You can add them, I have done it, but they just don't look very good. I'm looking for a way to add mesh breasts without showing gaps on a mesh body.
  7. Hi, does anyone have any experience with making mesh breasts like lolas etc work seamlessly with mesh bodies? I've tried various mesh bodies with lola deliqs and at larger sizes they just don't look good, leaving big gaps seen from the back, underneath at the front and just looks generally like they don't belong on the body. If only there was a way to make the torso bigger without also affecting the size of the breasts, that might work, but so far with everything I've tried it just doesn't look good. Any tips? thanks.
  8. Thanks for that info! I was going crazy with meshes going invisible but this fixed it!
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