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  1. Hi. Sorry for the loss. As for your question, I am not 100% sure on this too. But if the land is owned by someone (landlord) or an estate management and you're just renting, you can talk to the owner of the estate. The decision will be his discretion. But if we are talking about a full sim or mainland parcel that Miss Lucie owned under her own account, I think Linden Lab will ask for further proof otherwise anyone can just claim that the owner of the land has passed away and ask for the it to be transferred to the person claiming. I am not sure. Hopefully everything works for you.
  2. I get logged out a lot lately everytime I teleport to some other places. I assume the recent maintenance has something to do with it. But latest grid status says: [Resolved] Unsecheduled Second Life Maintenance Posted by Status Desk on January 15th, 2015 at 12:52 pm PST [Resolved 1:05 PM PST, 15 January 2015] The unscheduled maintenance is now complete. [Posted 12:55 PM PST, 15 January 2015] We are currently performing unscheduled maintenance on Second Life. Residents may have difficulties Teleporting or otherwise accessing some regions.
  3. Hi, I just read this post. I'm 3 years and 10 months in SL now. But compared to the 2 of you, I am nothing close to old-timers. But I think even if I last in SL for 5 more years I will still feel like a newbie everytime I see the last name "Resident" in my profile. I wish I have starter a few months earlier back then, I might have been able to choose a permanent last name then. Lucky you.
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