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  1. Finally we got the "malicious" link removed by LL. The original ChouChou is FREE and still avaible at the Sim entrance, in this location http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chouchou/180/163/21 (Just like Kytteh Wytchwood confirmed on her post)
  2. Yes, it's impossible to edit, but I asked LL to delete my post if they are unable to erase the link. Still waiting for response.
  3. Thank you so much, I had no idea, just searched in MP and it's the only thing that appeared. We should tell the owner to fill DMCA against the copybotter. I will edit and delete the link, you should probably do the same Kytteh, or this thief will be fed by this thread. *Update: there's no way to edit it, I asked LL to delete my previous post, not sure it works, or why cant' edit it.
  4. Believe me, I never tried RLV, not into that, and calling cards, you're killing me with that info, Alyona! I read about super powers too, but didn't know calling cards had more info that they should
  5. I never show my locations to friends, not even to my exes. I'm sure there's an "alternative" viewer that can give a darn lot of details. Maybe he's not savvy, Love, but seems pretty dedicated to this matter., which im starting not to care
  6. I would never rent/buy where we used to live. He found me in 4 different estates. Four. So there's an efficient way to find people. He comes close, I guess he maps/uses the radar, and leaves as soon as he can. I missed the report to be sent 2 times, as I cant send pictures of someone who is there just a minute and leaves. Its like a "light" way of huge harassment. Read about the Dj's and media leaks. My media is turned off. Im not wearing hidden scripts. There's another way and its awful. Tried to open a case but clearly says you need to report inworld, sending the picture for harassment. Seems I'll need to get used to this until he gets bored. Hopefully soon.
  7. Sighs, maybe Hepzibah Ellsmere is still an active resident. And no Rolig, I'm not wearing anything attached, Im not new and I know about well about scripts inserted in weareable objects that tell the owner where you are, and who you are with. I'm sure there's something else to be found, sadly.
  8. This is from 2011, but did you find out how did this person knew? I opened a thread with the same problem, and today, he found my new location using a noob account. I told no one where I live, so I guess there's a way to find objects "by avatars" across the grid, cause I'm wearing nothing anyone gifted me, I was just making stuff for my store and he popped up. I guess is an ex, as he pops up, checks who I am with, and leaves.
  9. I'm not scared, its just annoying to have someone who can't move on or who is obsessed, checking on what you do, where you go, and who you are with. And you're right Jeny, will file a complain next time with all the details, unless he's reading this and finally stops before he gets banned. Thanks for the suggestions everyone.
  10. Madelaine I did! Last time i moved, nobody knew, but he was there!! Imagine my surprise. Callum, Ill try Loki, lol. Wish I could try the real one. haha Bree: LOL, now Im scared. A noob with a laptop could do anything! Hehe but Im sure its not a "noob", but someone experienced using some crappy script to follow me around. And Pamela, not all, cause most people receive friends, and have only "land" security, in that case isnt working either cause this person was next to my last home, underwater as my security ejected him. ´Next time I will send a screen to LL or collect them, as he never talks, only follows me around.
  11. Thanks Rolig and Madelaine, and I don't. I really don't socialize much, so I guess is an ex, or the ex of an ex bf. Thing is I need to find a sim to live which don't allow people with "no payment info", I guess. Believe me, it's not nice. I changed the sims I lived 4 times the last month and a half, and not always buying land from the same estates either. That's why I dont understand how the heck he knows where I exactly am. I guess there's something else to find out, but I doubt in case it is, someone will write an answer here.
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