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  1. I'm looking for bloggers for my store. ::Unscrupulous: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/166128 Please drop me a Notecard inworld, with the link to your blog/Sl feeds. Thank you Temptatlon Resident
  2. I still have them listed on top, and its so annoying! How can I remove them now? Did anyone find a way?
  3. After 3 years Im wondering how to get rid of the "Magic box items" that are still stuck on top of my listings, but not giving me option to delete. Those were some gacha items I used to sell. Did anyone had the same issue? And how did you get rid of them? Btw, I can't create listings as normal, cause they do not show as unassociated items.
  4. Just wrote you Count, Im looking for a private island also. Kind regards.
  5. Yes Arduenn, Customer Support´s removed reviews work a charm. Not our customers' though, which is weird. And I cannot vote or comment either, the only thing I could do is "watch" the Bug.
  6. I see several posts reporting this bug https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-41344 But no fix yet?
  7. Thank you so much!! :=)
  8. How do I upload Gacha Items then? I saw a lot in marketplace but is not letting me do it. WIll appreciate a lot your help and tips!
  9. I see this subject is SOLVEd but where's the solution? I can't send GATCHA's to Marketplace, still get this error: Unsellable item in folder, likely a permission problem.