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  1. I'm a language student, English and Portuguese teacher, available if you need notecards, instructions, posts or any other kinds of texts to be translated into Portuguese. Some might ask: what about Google translator? Well, I'm a Brazilian girl and second life player who knows way better than Google about how Brazilian and Portuguese refer to the game, their language register. Prices are very reasonable and I'm open to negotiations. Email me if interested or send IM inworld. Passeando resident aneoliveirapasseando@gmail.com
  2. Thats my first house after so long, but I won't be able to spend too much on decoration and furniture... I'd be thankful for any kind of suggestions leading to cheap or free furniture (some quality). Facebook pages, In world groups, blogs... Thank you in advance
  3. Thats my first house after so long, but I won't be able to spend too much on decoration and furniture... I'd be thankful for any kind of suggestions leading to cheap or free furniture (quality). Facebook pages, In world groups, blogs... Thank you in advance!
  4. My computer is so bad for graphics, I always have the impression it's never matched. Yes, Slink Resident have kindly helped me but it happened that I changed my skin to Belleza and I was supposed to know how to match it already.. Have anyone tried? If so could you describe wich blenders you used? Slink Resident told me that belleza works well with Satured Red colors, I just can't judge, anyway for me it never appears good :( Thank you in advance for all comments and responses!
  5. Native English speakers needed for reading short dialogues/ texts who are able to get a silent enviroment and a clean recording or in-world voicing. Commited people, please! IM me for further information and pricing. (passeando resident) Thank you in advance,
  6. Those answers are all very useful for me because they show different perspectives and points of view. I think this modeling is very subjective now and that everything depends on the inner objective of the one willing to model. What I could see so far (I’ve been reading a lot as well as looking for schools, groups of models, designers and photographers as well) is that modeling can be REAL expensive! The schools have prices that are like knives on our hearts. By saying this I’m not disagreeing that enrolling one of these schools is waste of money or time. The possibilities of earning Lindens are not much and they're difficult as well. I found out that models earn by winning contests of different natures, which is far dream for a beginner who still needs to get settled. Regarding the learning part of the career, I read a critique blogger some days ago and I almost gave up my dream. He was not wrong, but he was really very rough in his comments about the mistakes made by what he called “new generation” of models. I guess he referred to newbie models. Well, after some time that I did shopping my motivation came back once again, fortunately - that was like some 5 minutes after I read his article. I can be self-taught as many other people, but I don’t demerit the schools. I’m even trying to enroll the free ones and have my wallet some shy lindens to enroll in another one in the future. I also love to speak with older models (when I miraculously have the chance), some of them give us advices in very warm way. I saw that this helps a lot too, as long as I’m respectful with everyone and humble as well. The little I researched about the schools, I found out that the plus they offer for a self-taught model is leading to runways and designers, having them interact with the others of the fashion world easier... The practicing part of it is also very relevant for the schools, since I noticed that they practice a lot before performing. So, to my point of view after reading all these comments, I see everything depends on how much one wants to reach it as well as the availability and dedication of this person. I thank each and everyperson who commented rather here or in-world. It was very important really to know what you think and why you think this way, so I could sit back and conclude what is my point of view in all that. Good Holidays to all!!!
  7. Yes, after you mentioned I actually found many blogs on the subject... I got some in world groups as well that lead us to read some magazines and fashion blogs that are very cool mostly. However I did find some models practicing runways, the schools are active and I met some old models as well, still having their activities...
  8. Quero muito ser modelo, já arrumei o meu avatar inteirinho, de poses e tudo mais. Preciso de alguém que me ajude a comecar. Não cobrarei Lindens, apenas a chance de participar. Grata desde já!!!
  9. Um... I see and understand. Although I don't have talents with editing photos, I'll still search for someone who would like to have me posing in his/ her blog ... thank you!
  10. Hi there, I've been reading many posts on modeling in Second Life. Some of them saying how disadvantageous it is for people who want to model as a job and so on. However, I still would like to be a model, and if possible, I would rather start this year!! I don't really mind modeling without earning Lindens at all. I just have in mind that it would be great to represent someone's products or ideas by posing for them and other viewing eyes. I'm not really wise on the subject, so could anyone give me tips on how to start, considering all difficulties/ challenges about modeling nowadays? If there is anyone interested in a starter model I'd be glad to be that one posing as well!! Thank you!!
  11. Hello!! I would be happily available for modeling in the next event covers! I'm a 25 years old girl from Brazil (9 months old in SL.)
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