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  1. Hello, I keep getting spammed by a Script Warning/Error/Debug and it spams me every 5-25 seconds and its really annoying. I tryed contacting the staff/group/ and creator of the LuLu Signature HUD [7.2} (88, 81, 3334) and told me to re-grab the hud and if it works. It worked for alittle while then started all over again. Any help would be wonderful on it. :) 
  2. Talking to you in Private messages. :3
  3. I've just done it and it shows alot of stuff "worn" but you cannot unclick them off unless replaced with another.
  4. No, i have not tryed that yet.. I'll try it once i get home and are able to do it.
  5. Hello everyone, I did everything to fix this from trying to "detach from myself" to "testing my avatar" and last trying to "clear my Cache".. Once i tryed all that I replaces my current outfit to the one i want and when its done, I sit down and my avatar grows human legs and arms when its not suppose to. I don't know what else i can do. I would have deleted it but can't delete them when their highlighted. Any Advice would be helpful..
  6. This posted saved my butt and was freaking out that the update got rid of the moment WASD till i read this... Saved My Life!
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