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  1. Does anyone have a DL for Combat Cubed client? I love it, It's slim.
  2. which physics engine does SL use? 
  3. Which Physics engine does Second Life use?
  4. No matter the viewer, i can't get my WASD keys to move my Avi. I tried the easy stuff, i.e. chat window., num lock, a clean HD, Viewers 1 & 2, alot of render and preference. My PC is good and has always preformed well on any client before?? It's killin me.....Killin me. Help me!!! I'll take any advice.
  5. i screwed up my Viewer and have removed it over and over, but it still instals it with the same jacked up settings.... What the flip! How can i Reset the Viewer to "factory settings"
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