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  1. Still Available. Price Reduction: L$2999 (L$2.9/m2)
  2. Price reduced to L$15000 (L$7.3/m2) For competitive price and faster selling. If not sold it will go into auction. So buy it now since this is the cheapest it will get. This parcels has access to over 150 sailable sims interconnected by canals to sail from to another, if you don't believe me just use the SLURL, open the map and count them SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sphinx/241/202/21
  3. The Parcel is located at a really relaxing neighborhood It's beside a protected road stone driving road. Size 1024sqm Prims 351 Price L3499 Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bundz/176/212/52 Give it a look you might really like it and it's a cheap confi parcel.
  4. Price reduction, picture update. going into auction if it isn't sold today. Price: L$ 5499 Prims: 351
  5. SOLD. I have another 1024sqm close to that one if another person is interested. Same price Taxi to parcel
  6. Last Price reduction before going into Auction. Click Link to go to Parcel
  7. Update Picture, come visit it, what could you possibly lose? --->Taxi
  8. Parcel located at Sphinx (Click for taxi) Size: 2048sqm Prims: 703 Land can be terraformed to be at water level (as it is) or under the water for placing beach artificial islands Access to protected water to SL seas to the East side. IM Jerzero for any question.
  9. One SOLD, One Left Taxi to Parcel
  10. Commercial and residential Parcel with a shore. 1024sqm 351 Prims. Can be terraformed to become all land. The parcel has been divided in 2 1024sqm perfect squares but can be joined into a 2048sqm Parcel. Taxi to Parcel #1 Click for Taxi Taxi to Parcel #2 Click for Taxi
  11. Last Price reduction due to moving, this is literally a gift LS 1699 each parcel. (2Left) Enjoy ^^
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