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  1. I've a question as I all I have is utter confusion at all of this. Been slightly dyslexic isn't helping. If I choose not to have a Tilia account can I still pay my yearly premium fee? As I now only can afford to pay that once a year to do things in SL. And this talk of penalties for not using an account for a year is not excatly making me very happy. At this rate LL will loose me as a paying customer when my payment for premium account comes due next year. And I'll have to go back to how a first started in SL. WITH NO MONEY! I don't live in the US, so all the 'little extra fees' are HUGE fees for me. I live in a 3rd world country! So the exchange rate in the past has fluxuated between 15 - 20 Times for 1 USD! The whole point of me going premium was to cut down on the costs of exchange rate fees, SL fees and bank fees, so I could afford to giving LL some of my money. I'm not a millionaire!
  2. When using pictures of Avatars, scenery and objects in from SL, that get published in RL for profit (magazines or books etc), are there any legal issues I need to know about? I've tried looking up the issue on the Q&A section, but I can't seem to find a answer. Also what isn't helping is the pages and pages of stuff to try sift though. Been slightly dyslexic isn't helping with that. All I get is a headache and more confused.
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