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  1. I don't know what cause this issue, it just happens at random. On occasions when otheres render there whole body and outfit loads and i can see it perfectly fine. But sometimes the head won't load and all i see is a pair of floating eyes and a brain. I don't know why this happens but it really bothers me. I use the firestorm viewer and it never happen to me befor so i don't know whats causing it now.
  2. I've been looking for a good Kitsune skin for my Kemono and venus head but i can only find one and its not bad but i really want more details on it and was wondering if someone can help make the skin. I don't know what a good price for the skin should cost but if you talk with me and tell me how much it will cost then i will agree with what ever you think is best for a price. Im fairly new to asking for help so bare with me if i sound very noobish.
  3. i can b e a dancer. what do i need to do to apply?
  4. well i always wanted to become a furry in SL and it seems like fun, but i don't know where to start or what i need to buy in order to get it started. i looked on market place but all i could find is mods and not an actuall avatar. so where do i go to start?
  5. mostly a mesh and i tried looking on the market for it and there is none. and i never tryed gimp before. guess i'll try that one.
  6. Hello everyone. I tryed to make my own outfits for my avatar but for some reason every time i try to open the program my computer can't handle it and crashes on me (its an old laptop). i was woundering if i can Pay ( via L$'s) someone to design some clothing for my avatar. please comment if you are interested in this. i will pay what you think how much it would cost. its a mesh outfit and design of it well it comes from a game so i can easily show you how it looks or (idk if needed) pull up the character model.please and thank you. just comment here or Friend me on SL and we can talk there. thank you once again
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