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  1. Ok, it's getting clearer... You understand my present situation precisely. If I keep what I have and buy 2048 sqm, I would owe $15USD/mo If I abandon what I have and buy 2048 sqm, I would owe $15-$5 = $10 USD/mo. Correct? I didn't think there was a property tax, but when you mentioned additional costs of developing it, I wanted to make sure. I've spent any an hour on MP, so I'm familiar with those costs.... all-too-well. LOL! (I usually have a browser window (or five) open to it). Is Caledon Oxbridge University a location in SL? I presumed it was, but now realize I m
  2. You've confirmed what I was beginning to realize. Thank you
  3. Thanks for the tip about Permalink - I was expecting that to mean something entirely different. Here is my current situation, and what I am considering: 1) I currently have and use the Linden Premium gift home located wherever/however it normally comes. 2) I am considering buying a 2048 sqm parcel. Q: Ignoring any "tier effect" for the moment, would the fee waiver lower my obligation down to 1536 sqm? (I presume the tier effect would raise it back up to 2048) Q: If so, if a 2560 sqm parcel was available (I don't even know if that's possible) and I bought it, would I be charg
  4. I realize now that I neglected to mention in my previous question (a few hours ago) that I paid for a year's worth of Premium membership - so I won't (or at least SHOULDN'T) be billed for anything (since I don't yet own land) for at least another 10 months (assuming the bill arrives a month before membership expires). Should i use the date that I bought the Premium membership and presume the billing cycle begins each month on that date (the 9th for me)? Thank you for the tip about the class on land ownership - I'll try to be there. I apologize for starting a new thread, but I saw no way to rep
  5. I am a Premium account holder and am considering buying land. I have looked at the tier fee page and have seen that the fee is based on the maximum amount of land held in a billing cycle. Obviously, I don't want to buy the land just one second before the current billing cycle expires, so how can I find out when that is? Specifically, I joined SL on Sept 1, 2014. I became a Premium member on Sept 9th. I am looking at purchasing 2048 sq. m. which, if I understand properly, will cost me $15 USD/mo. If my assumption is correct, if I buy it tomorrow, I will be charged $15 on or about Oct 9. I'd p
  6. And I learned that derender is an awesome way to check to make sure everything meets and is even. The house disappears, and all that's left is the panelling and floor that I put in. Everything's water tight now.
  7. OMG - derender worked like magic! Thanks a bunch! I want to thank all of you for your suggestions, I learned a lot today. This just goes to prove what I've always said - I learn more from my mistakes than I do from my successes!
  8. I was fairly sure there had to be a way to get it listed, but I had no clue what it was. Thanx!
  9. Thank you for the suggestion about camming. I'll be more persistent with that. being as thin as it is, it won't be easy. I do use Firestorm, but don't know it well. how do I go about re-rendering?
  10. As many people know, it's not possible to put a texture on the walls of the complimentary home that Premium users get. So, i was using a prim 0.01 thick as "panelling' over the original wall - so I could apply texture to it. Unfortunately, as i was adjusting it to pull it out of the wall, I lost focus on it! Now I can't figure out how to select it and pull it out from inside the wall. I tried CTRL-ALT-T, but it didn't seem to show up. The prim count suggests it exists (I keep track as I build - 117 total doesn't leave much room to waste).
  11. Ren Float

    Where is build?

    I posted a question yesterday about how to upload a WAV file less than 10 seconds long that uses 16 bit PCM sampled at 44.1k in order to use it in a gesture using the standard SL viewer. I am grateful for the answer, which was: Build >>> Upload >>> Sound and pay the L$10 I realize now I neglected to mention that I am only 11 days old in SL, and I'm learning even the most basic things, such as: Where do I find "Build"? Thank you for the heads up that I have to pay to upload.
  12. I have a WAV file less than 10 seconds long that uses 16 bit PCM sampled at 44.1k that I want to use in a gesture. I am using standard SL viewer on a windows system. How the $^!##@^ do I upload it?
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