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  1. PayPal is linked to my account, i paid for link test. I made ticket and waiting for LL reply. TYVM for help.
  2. OK, i add also PayPal and still my avi has 'no payment..' It is card to my bank account, just debit form, it means i have ot cash on my account. Normal visa card.
  3. it is a debit card, but what a diference? I can use it and buy lindens or land. I wonder why i have this "No Payment Info On File" in my profile and simm discrimination see me as avi without addet card. Thank you for your help :), but i dont think it is a rason.
  4. Hi. A few months ago i was add Visa card to my account. Into my profile still exist 'No Payment Info On File'. For this reason i can't visiting some sims. What should i do?
  5. When try to buy at Marketplace the cashier doesn't open only white page
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