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  1. Oh because I was trying to respond to the Confused icons that people put and I couldn't find the respond to it. I mean if you go to the link on Internet Explorer and come to the Second Life Forums. You will just see a blank space of a video called The History of Second Life and it will not be there. I am not sure if the people that put the Confused icons under the video went on the Internet Explorer to watch the video and the video isn't there. But you can watch it on Google Chrome and you can see the video there.
  2. I am not sure to be honest. I just posted that video here for people to watch what Second Life was about back in the day. It was way before anyone could join SL though. I think it's an interesting video though.
  3. Yes some places get really bad where you can't hardly move. Sometimes you crash at the place
  4. Oh ok TY. Did you watch The History of Second Life video i posted here?
  5. If anyone is trying to watch the video called The History of Second Life I posted here. It doesn't show for me on Internet Explorer but it does show for me on Google Chrome. If anyone can't see the video on Internet Explorer I would suggest to try using Google Chrome to watch the video
  6. Here is a video of The History of Second Life: I hope you all enjoy the video
  7. Oh the people that got confused why I posted The Voice chat is working on The Cool VL Viewer is because it wasn't working before when I downloaded Firestorm to save some outfits for my avatar. Now it's working the voice chat on The Cool VL Viewer and my avatar is not glitching when the voice chat is enabled. Also If you go in my picks you will see Henri Beauchamp's store is in my picks called: ! Cool Shop - Cool Products home. You can teleport to his store from my picks if you like.
  8. I am glad the voice chat is working on The Cool VL Viewer now. And my avatar is not glitching at all when I have it enabled
  9. Well The Cool VL Viewer doesn't do any glitching if I keep the voice chat off on the viewer. The Cool VL Viewer works great then. I just hope The Cool VL Viewer will have the save thing like Firestorm does one day. Also how would I get a list of my alts that I deleted so I can post them all here and the people I added back then they can get rid of their calling cards if they see my alts I deleted if I can get the list of them and post them here? I can not remember all the alts I deleted though.
  10. Well I thought maybe I could get some help here on the forums for it. But TY all for the information you guys gave me. Do you think if I uninstall Firestorm it will stop the glitching and have voice chat working again on The Cool VL Viewer? Because since I downloaded Firestorm I had this problem. Before I never did, if it is the problem. Also what isn't going to be good if I want to save my appearance then I would have to reinstall Firestorm in order to save my appearance.
  11. TY but I wish there was more help for The Cool VL Viewer like they have for Firestorm. I guess a lot of people don't use The Cool VL Viewer or they haven't heard of the viewer. And I am not sure what third party viewer is older? The Cool VL Viewer or Firestorm.
  12. Because I like The Cool VL Viewer. And I like the old interface style it has.
  13. Is there a save appearance on The Cool VL Viewer like there is on Firestorm?
  14. Well I downloaded Firestorm because I wanted to save my appearance for some clothes I am wearing. I don't see where you can save appearance on The Cool VL Viewer. Since I downloaded Firestorm The Cool VL Viewer has been acting up. Could that be the reason? Also I was wondering is there a save appearance on The Cool VL Viewer?
  15. Not sure where your talking about when you say about help. I don't see about help under my system. Sorry.
  16. It has never done this before to me. I am not sure why it's doing that now. Sorry where would you like for me to post my hardware?
  17. Can anyone that uses the Third Party Viewer for Second Life called The Cool VL Viewer help me? I been glitching when my AO makes the animation with my avatar and the voice chat doesn't work. Can anyone give me any suggestions how to maybe fix this problem with The Cool VL Viewer? Also I always make sure I have the updated version of The Cool VL Viewer as well. When I go to the website and see it in green I uninstall the old update and reinstall the updated version of The Cool VL Viewer
  18. I never reactivated any my alts I deleted. I am not sure if you have to pay to reactivate them. But what I don't get is that when you go to The Second Life website and go to delete account. You can reactivate the account you deleted then if you want to reactivate the account. So I am not sure why they have delete on The Second Life website since you can reactivate accounts if you delete them.
  19. As far as I know all the deleted avatar's that get deleted stay in the Linden Labs Database forever. I am not sure if it has been changed to where Linden Labs gets rid of avatar's that are deleted and is in the Database.
  20. Oh the thing is I can't remember all the alts names I deleted lol
  21. That sounds good to have
  22. Well I should be killing my weeds as well lol
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