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  1. I guess time to visit your front yeard, it may save my time
  2. Thank you Gaia, its clear now, a link to any tutorial if you have on how to imprt texture for mesh, and how to texerize a mesh in second life will be helpful. ty
  3. The title of this forum bought me here, I was searching something like " Can I Import tthe textures from second life to blender" Because i have importated avatar, then uploaded as mesh, but all i get is white mesh avatar with no skin, i dont want to use any other skin i want to use the same skin my avatar has in SL, so the question is , is it possible to use the same skin or texture on my mesh which is converted from shape to mesh using avastar. I did put this question inworld forum of avastar blender but that did not provide any clear help. thank you.
  4. Hi, I did not upload anything, did not take any snap, why i was chaged 10 L$ as Destination: SYSTEM upload charge, All I have is a gift news paper from a friend, it costs him around 150 L$ and he sent me as gift. I recieved it as gift its scripted animation and the paper is sculpted, after i received my 10 L$ is gone, is there any trick played by the newspater creator " Kidd Parx "
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