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  1. Last night I went to a freinds place on my sim, seperate parcel and he had this issue. The board has been there probably 6 months at least. we tried pulling it in inventory/ restartign and no change. Streams and music change fine. only the titles didnt show in the board. I then went to my board i got a couple weeks ago and it was doing the same thing. hearing that the issue has also affected the Lestat boards leads me to believe this is a SL issue that they need to fix. Not the vendors.
  2. Theres 67920 sqm. Its waterfromt. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cedarbrae/152/178/36
  3. Ive had this land with a club,stores amusement park selling animals for 3 years..
  4. Is this really true? I have been told 30 and I have also been told you can have up to100 on a mainland sim depending on the lag of the avi's and deco.
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