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  1. A special Valentines Day edition of 'Destination Romance' is now available free to read and download at: http://issuu.com/destinationromance/docs/destination_romance_-_february_2016/1 Hope you enjoy! Best wishes Peteey
  2. Hi all Just thought you'd like to know that the next edition of 'Destination Romance' is out on Issuu: http://issuu.com/destinationromance/docs/destination_romance_-_december_2015/1 It is totally free and contains some great locations and tips. Best Wishes Peteey
  3. I am now taking submission requests for the next December magazine issue of 'Destination Romance'. If you'd like an advert for a Romantic product or service it now costs the very cheap rate of only 50L$ for anything up to half a page. Romantic sims are featured free of charge but they must be in the Romantic Dreamz portal. Those interested should send me a notecard inworld, or drop one in the red post box at Romantic Dreamz inworld. The readership figures so far for the 1st issue are 150 & increasing. Thanks & happy romancing!
  4. Hi, I'd recommend a new magazine called Destination Romance which features a number of Romantic places to visit in Second Life. You can view it totally free at: http://issuu.com/destinationromance/docs/destination_romance_-_august_2015/1
  5. Try Romantic Dreamz which contains 11 Romantic sims for you to visit, a free service at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/High%20Life%20Rentals/71/87/24 Also, the new Romance magazine called 'Destination Romance' now out: http://issuu.com/destinationromance/docs/destination_romance_-_august_2015/1 Peteey
  6. Hi, I have just released a brand new magazine called 'destination romance', AUGUST 2015 available now, totally free. This is in celebration of reaching over 200 visitors at 'Romantic Dreamz'. To view or download it (as a pdf) you can either visit Romantic Dreamz and click on the Magazine board on the floor at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/High%20Life%20Rentals/71/87/24 or paste the direct web link below into your web browser: http://romanticdreamz.weebly.com/uploads/2/4/1/5/24150716/destination_romance_-_august_2015.pdf Hope you enjoy reading! Best wishes Peteey (username in SL - Avonmariner)
  7. By the way other romantic sims can be included, you just need to I'm the owner who will check if your sim is romantic enough.
  8. Thanks Tari & Freya. It could well be a cancelled account, I haven't seen them on since 12 December. They didn't host at the club they usually do. I didn't realise it took 30days, someone said 48 hours, so all may be revealed in another 10 days!
  9. Thanks for the quick reply Freya, very interesting. Yes I am in the same group for at least 3 groups and it is the same in all and other friends in the same group say the same too. When I search for both the name & username in the group it doesn't appear which is strange yet its on their profile!
  10. A friend who I haven't seen for a while has groups listed on their profile but they do not appear as a member in the group any longer. Do you know why this might be?
  11. 'Destination Romance is a great place to go because you can view and teleport to 16 of the best Romantic sims all in one place.  It doesn't cost anything and you can use this portal as many times as you like.  All you need to do is decide which sim you'd like to try, grab a partner and off you go with just one click. One Landmark, Pick of Favourite to Romantic Dreamz saves you having lotsa different Landmarks, Picks or Favourites, definately worth checking out! The location is:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kings%20Stone/144/15/66
  12. Hi Cindy, thanks so much for the reply. I've sent you a friend request & a notecard inworld. Looking forward to meeting you Peteey
  13. I wished there were more helpful residents in SL like Beethros. I rented land off him and he was so helpful. Well done Beethros, a nice bit of Christmas goodwill!!
  14. Hi, I own the Romantic Dreamz best Romantic sims in SL portal. I'm looking for links with other Romance connected businesses to help make a good Romance centre for visitors. My portal encouraged many visitors as it is a free service allowing avatars to teleport direct to 8 Romantic sims. A number returned regularly to use the portal. I'd like to hear from anyone who'd like to link up, but also I'm looking for a new base which would benefit your business with new visitors. I also intend organising a romance hunt & romance magazine, so please do get in touch if you're interested by replying to this post or IM: avonmariner thanks. Peteey
  15. Hi I'm looking for someone to fund 2000 lindens so I can purchase intellibook to create a quarterly Romance Magazine in SL. The funder would have a regular feature in the magazine. Let me know if you can help by replying to this post or IM to: avonmariner Thanks. Peteey
  16. Would you like to see a romance magazine in Second life? To include: romantic places to visit, reviews & adverts for wedding places & businesses, dating agencies, romantic fashion & gift ideas, romantic competitions etc? If so please come along & show your support & hopefully it will happen. Hope you can come even for a few minutes. Thanks. Peteey
  17. We've had 78 visitors in 2 weeks and 8 Romantic sims are involved + 2 places for fun things on a romaantic date. 2 datig agencies are advertising and you ca teleport direct to them. Would you like your Romantic sim or business selling romantic items/services/places included? If so comment here or IM AvonMarinner inworld. Location is: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain%20Jane/169/239/31
  18. Is there anything you need to know about Romance in Second Life? Come to 'All About Romance' at Romantic Dreamz 3-4pm SLT Thursday 9 October 2014 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain%20Jane/169/238/31 I'll be here to answer any questions. Come along and try out the free Romantic Dreamz portal where you can view and teleport direct to the best Romantic sims in Second Life. On the first floor you can see a collection of fun places to go on a Romantic date or head for the roof terrace to watch slides of the Romantic sims so you know where to take your loved one! The dreamy cafe is on the first floor, an ideal place to chat and eat a refreshing fruity ice cream sundae before you try out the Romance portal. Why have many Landmarks when you can have 1 to this portal to reach all these places! If you own a sim and would like it included free in the portal please come along or if you are a supplier of romantic items or a service connected with love or romance I'm happy to link up with you. Looking forward to meeting you Peteey (AvonMariner) - been romancing in SL for 4 years!
  19. My romance portal has 8 romantic sims who are already included. If you: - own a romantic sim - have an attraction which is fun on a romantic date - are a supplier of romance items you can be part of this exciting new venture too free of charge. All I need is a texture of your place & an LM. If you are a supplier of romantic items then I require 1 free gift to offer guests in the store (not if you own a romantic sim). The aim is to make this the best starting place/guide for Romance in Second Life! It is a free service to avatars and you are welcome to come and view it or try it at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plain%20Jane/169/243/40 Please comment below or IM me (avonmariner) if you'd like to be included. Thanks and excited to hear from you soon :) Best wishes Peteey
  20. Best Romantic destinations in Second Life - a free service allowing you to view & teleport direct to the best romantic places in Second Life - opening tonight. Come and try it out. Today 3-5pm SLT. I look forward to meeting you.
  21. If anyone else can help or would like to be included please reply or contact me no later than Saturday 30 August. Thanks loads. Peteey
  22. Hi xxvillainxx, thanxs so much for the reply & link, will IM you inworld. Peteey
  23. Hi, I'm looking to re-start a portal store/service called 'All about Romance' or 'Gateway to Romance'. This would allow avatars to TP to the best romantic spots in SL (including ballrooms). I'm interested in hearing from anyone: - if you own a sim you'd class as romantic and would like included in the portal free of charge (including ballrooms) - if you make/sell items or provide services (ie. romantic gifts, romantic animations/gestures, romantic jewellery, weddings, honeymoon suites, dating etc) anything connected with Romance if you'd like to link up with me for an offer or discount to give visitors to my store (ie. free gift, discount/voucher, special treat such as evening out for 2, etc) in return I'll advertise or provide a to board to you free of charge. - also if you know of any favourite romantic spots which I could include (I'd check sim owners permission first of course) I also hope to have a blog on romance and in the future a magazine on romance. Thanks for your help and look forward to hearing from you soon either in reply to this post or by IM or notecard to: avonmariner Hope this will benefit all interested in Romance. Thanks Peteey
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