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  1. So i've been using firestorm for the past week or two and a rather infuriatingly frustrating problem recently occured where it shows only one person as online in the nearby chat, and it's completely random on who it is. when in truth my friend's list has like maybe 5-10 people online. yet nearby chat doesn't want to display who's all online. I've tried clearing my cache, resetting my settings, doing a complete un-install of Firestorm, and then re-install, resetted my router. absolutely nothing has fixed it. i'm wondering if this is a more technical issue with second Life's servers, or if it's something else. Because, Firestorm has never once done this to me until last week.
  2. okay this still doesn't answer if there's a fix for this, or if it's Firestorm's problem with the rendering
  3. Hello everyone me again, so a friend just told me that a major problem why I seem to see this issue is cause it could be Firestorm having a render glitch. I don't know what sort of setting to use to fix it, but my LOD distance is set to its maximum of 4.000, My Draw Distance is 576 meters. And i've tried every possible solution I can think of and it still does this This version of Firestorm i'm using is As for what sort of GPU and CPU i'm using is its an AMD Ryzen 7 5800x, and a AMD Radeon 6600 XT for the Graphics Card. I've been trying to get this fixed for a few days now, help? Also these are two prim objects atop of the other one. None of them are set to Alpha Masking or Alpha blending. And they're somewhat close to eachother, but not close enough that it should cause this issue.
  4. I updated Firestorm a few days ago, yes i've tried seperating them a little more, and no they're not slightly transparent
  5. So i'm experiencing some clipping issues with Firestorm 6.4.21 where objects are clipping in my house yet they're really not all that close together. basically i've seperated them far enough to where they shouldn't clip, yet they do. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix that? My Draw Distance is 256, Objects and Sculpt's LOD are set to 4.000 dunno what else to do, help please? Edit: Also my house meters in terms of off the ground are like 3492
  6. Nope its not wireframe mode, that turns the whole screen wireframe. it's only when I right click and edit something is when that wireframe thing comes up, like the tree.
  7. So I recently had to reinstall Black Dragon after moving to a new PC. ( This is the current up to date version by the way ) and I noticed whenever I seem to go into Edit menu to move an object, this happens. And I have no idea how to fix it compared to firestorm where if I edit something, the edit outlines doesn't phase through my avatar. I also noticed I see the sim border outline now as well. Please, someone help me with this! 😧 it's driving me insane and makes editting / placing things around really hard now
  8. Okay everyone I need some help when it comes to the mama alpha hud. Does anyone know how to get the "Forced" option to appear? Ive tried just about everything and I cant seem to find "Forced Enabled" option anywhere on the Mama Alpha hud
  9. Oh right my bad i guess im still just so frustrated about it that i havent found any of that but ive seen pictures of it with the mods. But it always says (does not come with the hair) which is quite annoying But anyways this is a reference to the character. http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2012/341/e/7/devious_princess_luna_by_90sigma-d5ndpps.png I'd preferablly have her sparkly / flowy hair in this like her sister Celestia has.
  10. Okay so I have been looking for her mane and tail forever...for like 6 months actually. And I have not found a single thing of her. The Only things I have are her crown, head and body (this is an anthro Luna avatar that im piecieng together rather than just buying a complete set) However I cannot find her damn mane and tail...I need some big, big help on this...if anyone can find it, please link it. Im on the verge of giving up on this avi and just going with a princess celestia avatar instead, cause I can find her mane and tail...but not Luna's for some reason... (FYI, I cannot build for crap...)
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