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  1. You also need a set of programs for this purpose I usually use CorelDraw or Adobe photoshop, some editors from aha-soft.com and paint.net from MS - it's a copy of PS but has some convenient features
  2. Hi, I don't have SL relationships yet, but I have same example from IRL. A friend of mine meet his GF for more than 4 years. He has not ever cheated on her (I know it is true), but couple of months ago they began tio spend lots of time in internet, surfing facebook, originclub.com and same sites where he met other girls. He's never tried to met them IRL but she was very angry that he flirting online. He answered that it's not cheating but there was no difference for her. He replied that she can do the same... long story, but she made him stop his online dating, but I don't sure he really wased it out
  3. ты разыскиваешь мальчик для знакомств?
  4. Really sorry man, but you can trust me - whe girl split from you IRL is too worse if she tell about it right in your face. And you see her face you se her - girl that you love so much... Terrible really. I don't have GF in SL yet and I can't say how does it feel to be heartbreak, but a friend of mine has a GF he met in www - on facebook or originclub.com or so and he really loved her (despite she was from another country). When they split I didn' notice he felt special sore about it
  5. I see SL just like a game for self-expression - to create somebody/something you cannot create IRL, to find friends with benefits ot GF it's easier in facebook or datingsites originclub.com chatrulette - lots of them. Maybe I think wrong I don't know :matte-motes-grin:
  6. Yeah I also joind a moment ago)) Hello everione I'm Ernesto and I'd like to find friends here cos IRL it's too difficult to me:matte-motes-frown:
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