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  1. hi there. I will look for you inworld. would like to be friends. And what a very nice message. I am also like you. i am not looking for a hook up either. I can always use a freind have a great day. and hope to see you inworld..
  2. hi out there. not sure if i am posting this in the right area. if not i am truely sorry. I am really wanting to learn how to role play, and am very interested in the vampire roleplay. I am not new to SL. but new on this ave. and kind of new to roleplay. not sure how to seek out people to role play with. if any one has any advise i would be very greatful. thank and have a great day..
  3. Candilanna

    slink feet.

    Have gotten the slink feet. and my feet look like there in the floor. is there a way to fix this problem ?
  4. Thank you all very much for the advise and tips. i think i will try and redo my profile. also i think that asking questions in the conversation is a good idea. thanks again for the helpful advise. it helped alot ....
  5. I was wondering if maybe it is someting i am doing or saying wrong , that gives guys in SL the wrong idea. It has been my experince every time i think i have meet a nice guy , that wants conversation. it always turns into want to have pixel sex. don't get me wrong i am no prude. but would like a little more then that. when i say no , but we can be friends. there like ok. and then 2 mintues later back to same thing. i don't want to be rude, any time a guy im's me. i would like to maybe meet a real nice guy and one day maybe have an Sl relationship. any advice would be great. getting rather fustrating. i hope someomne will respond to this. thanks so much for any advice you can give..
  6. Hi all. I am starting over in SL. used to be on along time ago, and decided to come back. I find it hard to make friends. alot of it being i am very shy to be honest. I sometimes go to clubs, but people usually are very cliqish and i feel left out and kind of lonely. any advice, or if you are looking for friends to let me know. :) have an awesome day.
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