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  1. keep us updated on your ticket - this issue is driving my fiance & me crazy!
  2. That doesn't make sense - you can log into other accounts, like my fiance. I'd understand contacting your ISP if you can't log in at all but this is account-specific.
  3. Just saw that - he's having the exact same problem. He can log into my account and onto the website, no problem. But he hasn't been able to log into SL, no matter what viewer, for three days. Thanks for posting - at least we know it's not just him!
  4. Long-time member (since 2006) and I've never seen this message pertaining to anything other than rolling restarts... any suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated. My fiance & I are long distance and we use SL as a way to connect when posdible. Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
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