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  1. Hi Yingzi, Exactly, debit permissions are granted by the object owner just when a game is rezzed; in the case of most games, that's for Freeplay or regular payin mode so perhaps the L$1 represents Freeplay when the game is expecting some sort of payment. I can't think of any game except Zyngo without that L$1 requirement. For 99% of games that currently exist, if they were covered by the Policy just because of the L$1 payin issue, Linden's now clarified that doesn't invalidate their Freeplay status. And yes about the clog, but that's how it's been forever. However, the new Transaction Histor
  2. Hi Phil, Maybe a Creator can jump in with the why, but most games have always required the L$1 payment. It's immediately refunded and that can't be changed, it's the setting for Freeplay. Maybe there was some technical requirement way back when. Aargle made Zyngo's Freeplay mode where you just click it but players get confused because everyone is used to the L$1 payin. If our friends at Linden are still reading, on Transaction History, we wish there was a box to uncheck for "Show L$1 Transactions" the way it currently has it for "Show L$0 Transactions" because they take up tons of space and
  3. As Operators, we're getting a lot of information that's helpful. One thing we've gotten clarified and the FAQ has been newly updated is about Freeplay games. On most games, even Freeplay requires a L$1 payment that comes right back to the player, so is that still within the scope of the policy? Answer is No. We asked hoping other places in SL would be able to benefit as well (we've done that with several things that are now in the FAQ). Are “freeplay” games in Second Life subject to the Skill Gaming Policy? Freeplay games, in which the sole payment required or permitted is a nominal Linden
  4. Slot machines in some states like Florida weren't really slot machines, they were Class II bingo machines. http://www.casinocenter.com/class-ii-is-it-fair/ The classification was established to allow tribes to hold bingo games on their reservations, but it stipulated that “electronic aids” could be used to simulate bingo. That stipulation led to electronic versions of the game of bingo, which eventually took the form of Class II-style slot machines, known as Bingo Games. Now Class III are allowed, but there have always been workarounds. People just want to relax and have some fun, most ga
  5. Hi, We support Linden's efforts to help Creators and Operators and the replies have been helpful, thank you. The timetable is really aggressive here. We have a few questions please: 1. Will there be any type of "white list" for key employees who live in prohibited jurisdictions? Can Operators, associated avatars or employees receive access to skill gaming regions to do their work? Perhaps these service providers can be considered as part of the 4.©(1) Exceptions list? 2. Can an existing non-mainland sim be converted into a gaming region? It appears to be yes in 5(a). For sims that are mixed
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