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  1. Can a SL merchant be reprimanded for their tactics? It's really very rude and sneaky the way some of them do their demo titling. One is tempted to search by adding to the criteria: NOT DEMO NOT demo NOT _DEMO NOT _demo NOT D+E+M+O NOT d+e+m+o and so on to infinity. These sh___y people should be boycotted for their lack of respect for people.Do they actually prosper by doing this? God I hope not. About the only way to beat them is to forget about freebies, and now 1L, and even 2L items. Start at 3L and you might not get pages full of demos. (or DEMOS, etc)
  2. I had that problem and bought a wifi antenna for around $20 American and haven't had a problem since.It's a USB device I bought at a department store (Walmart) Also, if you're some distance from the wifi router you could try a wifi relay device, also fairly cheap. Either of these should help, or both if absolutely necessary.
  3. I often get the dreaded "parcel too full" message when I've got plenty of prims available(40, 60, even 80). One oddity, anything with the word "pearl" in it doesn't stand a chance of rezzing (jewelry, hair, cuffs, clothing) I get land tool to highlight my prims and it's accurate, but I still get the message when I try to rez. Can I do anything to cut out trips to sandboxes all the time?
  4. Spent hours searching every folder and no baby. Do I do a support ticket, red flag, ???
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