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  1. При входе в приложения у меня появляется такая ошибка: http://i.imgur.com/zJSSNTe.png Так же я не могу принять условия соглашения, чекбокс не активен http://i.imgur.com/rNXqhNf.png Как исправить ошибку и принять условия?
  2. It's still doesn't solve a problem. Error is still appearing
  3. Your link is right, but i don't use this models in Second life and don't sell them, there are just examples of my 3d skills.
  4. Hm.. very interesting opinion, how can i stole my own models? As for signature, it's correct and belong to me, if you were confused by names, Victoria is my wife and she created this account Right here more samples: 3D shoes and cloth Andrew ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3D Artist Portfolio Behance
  5. Hello, i'm new here and would like to show some of my 3d models: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3D Artist Portfolio Behance
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