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  1. You're missing the point. It's not that I don't understand that people like privacy, It's the batty hostility. I'm not harming anyone. I'm not kicking over their sandcastle. I'm not stealing their lindens. I'm not wrecking their life. I'm just appearing on their computer monitor.
  2. Wow thanks for the detailed reply. And thanks for putting it in perspective. I agree with you. I would think people sharing an intimate moment would turn on the privacy land settings instead of leaving it open for all to see, but I guess that's easy to forget? Also I use my camera most of the time in SL. I will see if people are having sex or not. I was mainly talking about people I met that weren't doing anything except maybe moving some furniture around. Thanks for the recommendations. I might give them a look over on a rainy day.
  3. I'm glad someone understands. I guess it is what it is. People take it very seriously now. I'm fine with that. I just personally think that is incredibly boring. It's not every day you get to be a giant pudding.
  4. "Others aren't obligated to live their SL the way you want them to." I never said they had to. But what is the point of being private on a game aimed at being social? Don't get me wrong, I understand the argument. But at the end of the day: My pixels have come to your pixels to say hello. I don't think I am disrupting peoples lives to the point where they have to be so apprehensive. No they don't have to be polite, but is it so hard? But thanks for the reply. You're right. The game isn't the game I enjoyed nearly a decade ago.
  5. It's a virtual world. Not a real one. Technological limitations have made this world stagnant. Next time don't dump $9000 in to something you neglected to research. Also nothing lasts forever. It's been a decade. Times are changing and bigger and better things are hopefuly coming. "Out with the old and in with the new." "I can't see into the future. I speak for no one but myself. But if you deem it necessary to wipe out everything I have worked to build for myself here over the last five years, force me to start over, it won't be SL where I begin again. So for me the bottom line is, if my inventory is gone, so am I. (And I'd suspect so are MANY others.)" No one is forcing you. They stated that they would keep the light on for as long as the power bill is paid.
  6. EDIT* I wanted to thank everyone contributing. It's a shame that this is no longer the virtual world I loved. But I figure this game does so much more for a larger audience now. Which is good. I also read an article that sated my ignorance a bit more. http://gwynethllewelyn.net/2013/05/09/second-life-has-no-humans/ II don't agree with all of it, and it's a bit edgy. But it made some very good points. Happy Holidays~
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