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  1. SL is in the same state now that it was before the news of the new development was announced. The same people are making the same things, putting on the same activities, showing the same creativeness and artistry. It will be for years to come. So, sure, come on in, enjoy YOUR Second Life!
  2. When I first heard the news, a few days ago I had a mixture of excitement that a new Virtual World was on the way, and one built by the Lab. Like it or not, Linden Lab has been supportive of Virtual Worlds from the start and are amongst the few companies that have made it their living. My initial response was scepticism. How will this work? Will my existing computer be able to handle the new stuff? Will my Broadband be capable of handling the extra data? All the "domestic" things that go through the minds of "ordinary residents". Then there was fear. Fear that all my inventory, built up ove
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