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  1. What sven said is partly correct - if the sploders are pay to join. BUT if they are for free, like the "Voodoo" or "No Lose" sploders, they do not fall under any of those categories and remain legal! :-)
  2. I am not so sure that the rolling maintenance is completed... I also can't get back to my home sim yet, and it is running on the Le Tigre Channel. Which should have the maintenance at 9:30, but there has been no new note on the grid status about that last part of the maintenance. Correct me, if anyone knows more...?
  3. Hi, I have logged in a couple of times today already, but since the last time I am not able to get to my home position on the sim Haddath. I always get the same message, "failed to grant capabilities". The sim can not be closed down or anything so suddenly, so I hope that it is only a temporary technical issue and not a griefer attack? Sincerely, Ananya Bailey EDIT: Thank you for your answer, though my connection can not have been the problem... as I was able to go to any other sim, just not to this one, and my inventory was completely loaded, too. Anyway, it has been solved in the meantime - I don't know how but things are back to normal. :)
  4. I made it in too, and everything seems to be there... inventory, lindens, friend list... yay!
  5. I was also wondering, but it seems it is like it is... usually something like that takes one hour or so... but I have not been able to log in for almost half of the day already. :( P.S.: I also don't know why the system calls me a new resident, I am in SL for almost 7 years, haha!
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