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  1. it's been a while since i commented on this... so just to update the situation.. heres the post. Yeah sl is still lonley, been dating a few guys.. they tend to have one date or meet then dissappear... i figure if a guy doesn't call or write that they aren't interested so i let them go.. especiallly when they got your cell number, lol I've bared my soul for the world to see.. being very forthcoming and upfront about what i was looking for and hoping to accomplish in secondlife.. you know, open to friends, or a group of people who wanted to hang out... people to talk to.. not type to... there
  2. I been wanting the same thing for years it seems... I know its out there somewheres..
  3. hmm i thought you were only looking for an athletic petite girl who had any color hair but blonde... i read your avmatch, and then i saw this.. this one was more well worded.. good luck
  4. hi how are you? hit me up in world sometime, I would love to chat
  5. With all that being said i'm still looking for friends to chat to and game with.. and still on the lookout for that someone special.
  6. Lolas are mesh boobs that you can get.. the hud comes in certain outfits more often cause it helps put a clothing layer on the mesh breasts like a regular clothing layer would on your normal avatar.. theres also phat appliers that are out there as well.
  7. I completely agree with you Thank you for your inspiring words.
  8. I'm sorry you're having a problem searching for people in secondlife.. alas i'm not a new resident. sorry
  9. hi hi.. I've taken a few too many hiatus's from in world lol and after the last one for figuring out some reality stuff i wanted to start a new.. it feels good but all my old friends from my last account seem to have left secondlife as well.. there isn't much i odn't know about in world, and i have a horrid shopping addiction, but i would love having people to talk to or hang out with.. I also have steam and love the nerdy types.. chat me up sometime
  10. I know how you feel bout just showin up at places n waiting for a "nice guy" to ask me to dance.. lol just once it would be nice having the intellectual conversaion and making a friend without guys trying to pick you up.. I'm more or less in the same boat though, would be nice having a few guy friends who i could go with..
  11. yeah i suspect it'll be over in a few hours... really sucks too cause i was in the middle of making a new avi when i got cut off, lol
  12. I've seen some crazy names in SL and you know what... it doens't relaly matter what the name was or is.. it's a part of your creativity and shouldn't reflect on who is friends with ya.. sometimes it really depends on what you're into, try looking through the groups and whatnot to see how many are out there doing the same things that you love to do.. it might suprise you Good friends are out there ... we just gotta stay positive and keep our heads up
  13. I'm looking for someone who I can connect with on a personal level before anything else happens. I'm shy, sensitive, sweet.. and yeah sometime my sensitivity causes me to over react on a few things.. I tend to run away when i feel like a person doesn't like me, or if they don't wanna talk. I play Secondlife, and a few MMO's. More than anything i would like to meet someone who can be my best friend, my love, and my special someone that i can snuggle up to. I just started playing TERA as well.. it's kinda fun. It would be nice having someone to spend time with in secondlife though. I'm not just
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