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  1. Dana Dielli wrote:

    Quinn Lysette wrote:

    if ur a female  i need a girl  loves havin babys  i myself have fathered over 100 billion in sl

    Impressive.  100 billion ... Feeling short-handed? 

    If they suddenly decide they want him to pay child support..he's fu*ked xD

  2. Quinn Lysette wrote:

    if ur a female  i need a girl  loves havin babys  i myself have fathered over 100 billion in sl

    Signed statements from the mothers or it didn't happen

  3. For annyone using Windows 10 and wants to know how to get CJK characters to appear in SL. here's how do do it. Go to Settings/System Display,notifications,apps,power. go to Apps and features, click Manage Optional Features, then click Add a feature, and install all of the Chinese, Japanese and Korean options. logout of SL and when you login they should show up instead of the little squares.

  4. Theirs a few bodysuits for kemono you may be able to use.



    The ABC Swimsuit for Kemono can substitute as a body suit as well. you can edit link the label on the chest and set it too 100% transparency. you can change the colour, and their are various texture mods available for it.



    The rifle


    And yes. the M3 head will work with the Rikugou Lite. the Kemono Head and the Venus head should also work.

    If it helps. here's a couple of skin textures compatible with the Riku Lite and M3 head



    Should be able to find others too.

  5. Perrie Juran wrote:

    Syo Emerald wrote:

    Am I the only one whi realizes that this exact same story was posted by another person on this forum some months ago? They just changed from being a DJ at a club to playing a trivia game.

    No, you are not the only one who recognized the disgusting story.

    I recognized it aswell as soon as I read it. If your gonna be lazy, and steal someone elses story. at least make it an interesting one o.O

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