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  1. I am planning to have a vampire baby in a few weeks, so as long as i can bring my vampire baby I would join.
  2. 05/07/2014 02:40:10 Destination: Payment Region: Description: : L$150 OK i deleted some of the info but above is the statement on my account I purchased an item from a vendor for $150 Linden not only did I never get the item, the ownder of the store has still not contacted me at all! I have sent IMs and Notecards I filled out a ticket with Support but Im guessing no one will help me with this? This makes me want to not even shop on second life ever again I realize its only $150 Linden but to have no response AT ALL from the owner of the store I think is pretty messed up , like WHY DO YOU EVEN OWN A STORE THEN? I also bought the item to attend an event while wearing it which I missed. I just think this is really messed up :( ok any comments, thoughts, am i overreacting?? Thanks guys!
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