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  1. Hi , I am searching for a Halloween Costume and I would like to find a very detailed fitted mesh one. Does anyone know of a store in world that has some detailed , nice costumes? I currently wear Maitreya Lara. Thanks
  2. Marianne, You are completely awesome! I got it! Thank you so much for that link. That is just awesome
  3. I have tried on the Demo's before purchasing and all was fine but I did not try on with every stitch of clothing I have or have bought for this Avi. Even clothes that say for Maitreya don't work and even when I use the skin and all from Maitreya like it states in the note card. I have edited my shape until I am so skinny I don't exsist to make the clothes fit, yes I have toggled in the mesh hud that came with the Lara. IDK
  4. Yes everything was fine before and someone in world helped me with this issue but the other issue I am having is my skin is showing through my clothes when I move?
  5. I need some serious help. I bought this from Maitreya yesterday and I have tried everything to make it work and look right. I am wearing Unique Megastore skin and I went as far and bought a skin at WOW and nothing seems to be working, I am blotched looking and I cannot seem to no matter what clothes I wear and shoes I am out of it all. What else should I purchase to make my Avatar look decent? I am currently on Firestorm, could that be an issue also?
  6. Thank you! I had to re-rez the house and it fixed it
  7. This happened after I bought a dinning room set. It is all mesh set and so is my house. Everything was fine until I set out the dinning room set and only in that room am I above the floor normal but when I walk into another room my legs disappear under the floor half way. How do I fix this issue?
  8. I don't seem to be hearing any music anywhere I go in SL. My sound is turned up and my preferrences is checked to get music. I have no idea what is wrong. I can hear everything else such as shoes walkingand birds but no music? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Go to buy lindens and it says it went through but I got no lindens? Did the transaction approx 3 times and still no lindens but I will bet it will catch up to me when things straighten out and then I owe a lot more than I had planned
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