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  1. Same here.. Tried phoenix and LL.. Both come up as "unable to connect to simulator".
  2. I'm having the same issue. For me, it seems like anything mesh (& HUDs) I had attached to my avi before the maintenance, won't attach anymore. My short term fix was to get redeliveries of those items from the creators (my body, head, and clothes) and replace the ones in my inventory. That seems to work for now, hope it can help some of u. (:
  3. So today when logging into Firestorm, I noticed the news about needing to update to the newest version of the viewer to continue L$ transactions, bc of the new payment system.. I looked it up and the only other info i was able to find was the article about making sure your browser is up-to-date. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had any more info about this change? Like, is it going to impact L$ purchasing/shopping in any other ways (forms of accepted payment, fees, the way/price L$ are purchased, etc?). Any additional info would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance. (:
  4. I have several texture-changeable furnishings in my home, and lately i've been logging on to find different textures on them than what was there when I logged off. I have a security orb that ejects unannounced visitors, but I guess they still manage to start clicking away before they get ejected. Anyway, I was wondering if there was any way to set these item to only be changed by me. If not, it's not that big of a deal, but it would be helpful. Thanks in advance. (:
  5. If you file a support ticket with kittycats, on their website, they can get it back to you. Or you can see if someone is working support, at the kittycats mainstore in-world. Hope u get your kitty back! **EDIT: I just realized you said you detached & not dropped. If you did actually detach it, you should find it in your objects folder. Just search either "kittycats" or the name of your kitty, in your inventory, and it should pop up (*should, bc I know I, personally, am still having inventory loading issues since today's maintenance).
  6. I've started a blog to show off my fav. outfits, and to inform others where to get reasonable priced, fashionable items. It's my first blog ever, and I'm pretty excited about it. So, feel free to check it out, and any tips/pointers would be super appreciated! (: Sorry, I wasn't aware it was considered advertising, if I wasn't actually selling anything. I just really wanted to take nice pictures of cute outfits, and share my favorite things about second life with everyone. ): I'd take down the thread, but it won't allow me to delete it. But for future reference, you could be a little gentler in your execution. It came off a little harsh. I wasn't trying to stir any trouble. I was just hoping to get some friendly tips from my fellow SLers.
  7. About 2 days ago, I was browsing a shop and picked up a demo of a rather cute tank top. I tried it on, liked it, and went back and purchased the (slightly over priced) full version of the tank. The Lindens were deducted, but it was never sent to me. I waited around for a bit, but nothing. I checked out my transactions, found the seller, and looked up her profile. On her profile, she states that she's the former owner and that her in-world shop is closed, and that she's only keeping her marketplace shop. The shop in question is very much still there, and full of items for people to purchase. I checked her marketplace shop, and it was all the exact same items in her store, and the name of the in-world store is exactly identical. I messaged her twice, apologizing for bothering her, and politely asking that she resend the item. I haven't heard anything back. Is there anything I can do to get my shirt? or am I beat for all those lindens? Any help is SUPER appreciated. Thanks. **EDIT 1: Thanks for responding! (: I didn't purchase it from the marketplace, I purchased it in-world at a store. I did check my received items initially when I realized it had been an abnormal amount of time to wait for the dialog box, but it wasn't in there (I don't think in-world purchases go there anyway, right?) I know that there's a whole system for recovering items from the market place tha get lost, but can I file a support ticket for an in-world purchase? or is there a similiar process for when an in-world purchase isn't sent? **EDIT 2: Thank you both for your answers. (: I guess I'll just wait it out and try messaging her again in a few days.
  8. For some reason, for the last couple of days, if my avatar isn't wearing a jacket or long sleeves her left arm looks deformed when she walks. Like, it kind of looks like the forearm is broken and swinging. It's fine when she runs or flies, but screwed up when she walks. It was fine for the first week or two (I'm pretty new) but lately it just doesn't look right. Does anyone have any idea what it could be, or have had this problem too? Any help would be super appreciated. thanks. (: *EDIT: I've tried adjusting the shape (I thought maybe I made her arm too skinny when I first noticed the problem) but it didn't help at all. I'm on my phone now, but tonight when I'm on SL I'll try and get a snapshot, so you you can see what I mean. I bought a shape, so tonight when I get on I'll try it out and see if it helps. I'll keep you guys updated on what's going on. Thanks for your suggestions. (: *EDIT 2: Okay, so I couldn't really manage to get a good enough screen shot of the problem while she was walking, but even standing you can see there's an abnormality in the shape of my avatars arm (The forearm is skinny, but the wrist weirdly juts out). When my avatar is walking the problem is way worse, and the arm looks curved/distorted when swaying (it's particularly bad when I use a female/sexy walk AO, which kind of blows, bc i'd rather my avatar didn't walk like a robot), which makes it look almost broken. This is also with the new shape. I tried removing any arm/wrist/nail accessories, but it still looked exactly the same. I also tried wearing the original shape I had when I first started SL (without any modifications, I'm assuming that's what you meant to do, Izabela - if you meant something else, let me know.. I'm pretty new & don't know all the ins and outs of the game yet) Again, thanks for the help/suggestions. Any additional help is greatly appreciated. (: **SUPER-DUPER late edit: So I took a break from SL for a bit and forgot all about this topic, so, apologies for that! Since then, I've pretty much completely made-over my avatar (new skin/ shape/ walk AO) and I don't seem to have the problem anymore. Thank you all for your help! (:
  9. I attempted to purchase an HUD (that was free) and when I tried to checkout, it said I was unable to checkout, & to try again later. So I removed it from my cart (I thought mybe it was outdated or something), and tried to purchase hair that costs 11L (I have 63L) to see if that would work, but it said I couldn't add it to my cart, & again, to try again later. I tried this on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Neither worked. Please help! P.S. I've bought plenty of items via the marketplace, without any problem, up until now.
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