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  1. First come first serve. Visit now TRD Estates "Premium Properties at dirt bag prices"
  2. ╔══════ ♦♦♦The Red Door♦♦♦ ═════ ╫ Friday June 26th ╫ 6 pm – Tukso Okey ╫ 7 pm – David Dawson ╫ 8 pm – Anek Fuchs ╫ 9 pm – Neo Brandenburg ╫ 10 pm – ErikPR ╚═ ═════♦♦♦════════♦♦♦═════ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Exotic Isles/211/14/24
  3. TRD Estates "Premium Property at Dirt Bag Prices" Visit Location Full Rights Great location with clean neighbors Rent or buy options Sail or fly to Blake Sea
  4. RARE Waterfront location now available. Sail or Fly to Blake Sea. Visit Chopsaw
  5. The Dancer positions have been filled. We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming response! We would like to welcome back Zani and Sixhunny to our dancer staff. We appreciate the applications. Here is just an example of a wonderful application that fits our culture of sick entertainment: What position are you applying for? Dancer, builder, dj, *****, shark catcher, concierge for famous people Have you visited our FB? Yes/No? Yes, it is the only FB I have liked, aside from the Alien Naruto Area 51 riot. Oh and the pretend to be ants living in an anthill. Oh wait, and the pokemon acid collectors. And throw rocks at the Silverdome in Michigan. Have you read our reviews? Yes/No? Yes, they give me great joy that so many people just LOVE misogynists and what they stand for. Are you willing to make people feel something (happy, appreciated, loved, humiliated, put in their place, other?) Yes/No? Yes. I can make them feel lots of things. Love, hate, loathing, disgust, and that in general fluttery feeling you get just before you jump off that bridge to see just how good of a swimmer you are. Are you lying? Yes/No? Well that is a loaded question because it depends on if I am on or off my meds. You see, when taking zoloft you love everyone for about 4 hours and will agree with everything regardless of what is the truth. When taking prozac you just want to kill everyone and dont care of the truth hurts. And if you take about 2 fifths of rum you are pretty much mumbling and noone can tell what the ***** you are saying and you dont know what you are saying so anything could spill out of your mouth. If you have experience in the job you are applying for please provide a brief description of your work: 5 or so years as a moderator for there.com before they sold out and moved their jobs over to Malaysia. 3 or 4 years as a manager at Demonic, one of the top nightclubs in sl before the owners got into a fight and broke up and the Mr refused to have anything to do with the club even though he was the one that made it work and took care of everything, and the Mrs took the club and ran it into the ground making all the DJs and Hosts quit. Years working on and off as a host, DJ, manager, stripper, dancer in the clubs that open and close like Melania Trumps ***** lips when moneyed men say HI to her.
  6. Yes. Be careful. That is why we require you to visit our FB before applying. Thanks for warning everyone for Us, Nuvya. It saves us a lot of hassle. Good girl.
  7. The Red Door and its affiliate TRD Estates has been serving the SL community since 2007. 100% of our rental revenue goes to live performers. Get to know us before you apply: https://www.facebook.com/nichiren.dinzeo https://www.facebook.com/TheRedDoorVenue/ Visit Us: The Red Door Live Music Marina The Red Door Live Music Venue currently has the following positions open for our next show schedule on Friday June 26th and look forward to having you on staff for all our future shows: TRD Dancer: Number of openings: 2 Job description: Dancers accompany our live performers on stage and engage patrons. We are an Adult venue, have no rules and dancers should have a natural attitude of not giving a ***** and willing to talk *****. Dancers should demonstrate the ability to be well dressed for the occasion and be willing to dress down as needed. This spans from dressing in theme to being fully nude. It is key that dancers balance this curse atmosphere with growing their fan base while continuing to make The Red Door a place people want to return to for entertainment. Working conditions: Dancers are expected to arrive on time and stay for the full schedule. We used to host over 60 hours of live music each month and may get back to that but for now we only host 3-6 hours a bi-weekly or at our whim. Shows are usually on Thursday or Friday evenings starting at 6pm SL time. Requirements: No prior work history is required. Having fun is key. It is appreciated if dancers have input into how to make the venue better and if there are themes they wish to pursue the Venue covers the cost associated with the purchase of your clothing. Pay: L$300 per hour plus the cost of any clothing required for themed events. Bonuses are given at whim as well. The Red Door Venue does not accept tips. ALL tips go to Live Performers. Training offered: No How to apply: See below The Red Door DJs: Number of openings: Infinite Job description: DJs spin tunes and have a good grasp of how to be smooth in both their music and in their talk/voice to keep people engaged and coming back. Must be able to take requests. Working conditions: Flexible. DJs set their own times but may be asked to front/end of our live shows. Requirements: No prior work history is required. MUST be very vocal and demonstrate a desire to engage patrons to build their fan base. Must know how to take requests. The Red Door has a strong promotion channel and will provide free promotion for your art. Pay: DJs are not paid by the venue but collect 100% of the tips they can earn. Training: Upon request. Our staff has over 13 years in this and can help with gear and performance if needed. Get to know Us before you apply. See links above. How to Apply for TRD positions: Send a notecard to Nichiren Dinzeo or Jayne Dartmouth with the following information: What position are you applying for? Have you visited our FB? Yes/No? Have you read our reviews? Yes/No? Are you willing to make people feel something (happy, appreciated, loved, humiliated, put in their place, other?) Yes/No? Are you lying? Yes/No? If you have experience in the job you are applying for please provide a brief description of your work:
  8. THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN RENTED. CHECK BACK FOR AVAILABILITY TRD ESTATES "Premium Property at dirt bag prices" Serving SL since 2007 100% of our rental income goes to support LIVE performers in SL
  9. WOW! This Property sold in less than 10 minutes. Check back for more properties from us coming soon. TRD Estates "Premium property at dirt bag prices" Protected waterfront property 3056m2 1049 prims only L$48000 Visit property Contact Nichiren Dinzeo n-world for more info
  10. THIS PROPERTY IS NOW RENTED. CHECK BACK LATER FOR AVAILABILITY. TRD ESTATES "Premium properties at dirt bag prices" Visit Property Visit Marketplace Contact Nichiren Dinzeo in-world for more information
  11. TRD Estates "Premium Property at Dirt Bag Prices" Contact Nichiren Dinzeo to reserve or discuss. % of all rent goes to supporting LIVE performers in SL at The Red Door. We thank you! Visit Blake Riverside Unit 2 Visit our marketplace post This is an early announcement. The property will be available shorty. Protected Waterway. Sail or Fly to Blake Sea and Dire Straits. $L500/w 4224 sq meters 1454 Prims. Full rights
  12. THIS PROPERTY HAS BEEN REPURPOSED AND IS NOW OFFERED AS A FULL PARCEL FOR RENT OR SALE. SEE RELATED POST. Rare property. Fly to Blake sea. 2X Protected waterways. 14352 sq meters 4927 PRIMS $l1750/W 4927 prims 14352 SQ METERS
  13. This region is currently in the process of being sold. Should it not work out I will reach out to those on the list in priority order. Thanks.
  14. Price: 150,000 total. Seller covers transfer costs. Billing dates: The 15th of each month. IM Nichiren Dinzeo inworld if interested SIM link : Full Region for Sale
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