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  1. Hey I'm new to second life. I'm trying to find somewhere I can make L$. I have all the VAW parts and some other really good marketplace stuff. I have a lot of time to play, so if you have something serious that would be great. I know my account is young, but I've been a gamer for a long time. If you are interested please message me in game or on here. Thanks! Nova
  2. Hello, I am currently starting a business as an escort. I have a location built and am looking for a single person to work there. It could turn into a partnership. I am an escort myself and the location is a bar with beds I take my clients to. If you are interested in participating by bringing clients, escorting, or hosting please contact me. I will show you the bar if you are interested. I want this to be a two person project, so if you are new I can help you get better escort avatars with my earnings. All of my L$ is spent on improving my location and services. Eventually I am wanting t
  3. Thank you for the reply, I wanted to try my hand at being and escort but didnt know where to start.
  4. I am new to second life and want to try escorting. Looking for someone to work for. I am female. I can not use voice/video but anything aside from that works for me. Contact me if interested
  5. Hello, I am new to second life, and am looking for a job as an escort or a dancer. Pay is not important, I am looking to have fun. I can not use voice/video but anything else works. Contact me in game.
  6. Hey, im looking to make some in game friends. Message me
  7. Hello, I am looking to set up an automated stripper or bartender. I can also provide a few other botting services. It would be like you were hiring me to work at your place however you wouldn't pay me.
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