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  1. we could all do with some more pixie dust in our lives but yea, sure. sounds awesome! looking forward to it. ^-^
  2. ah yes. been here for almost a year and a half, still have no friends. so i thought maybe i should make a post here and hope for the best? anyways so yes hello. i'm a swedish equestrian who likes cats and pretty girls. actually, i love all animals. but mostly horses, cats and sheep. i listen to a lot of different music, from miley cyrus to enya to sia and cocorosie. and also watch a ton of shows, like shameless and oitnb. currently rewatching the walking dead. :) i just looove nature like everything about it is so amazing. the trees and the earth, how they all work perfectly together and b
  3. i feel like we could be twins or something, no kidding bro. i never wear matched socks (who's supposed to look at my feet anyways?), i loooooove pasta and i talk way too much to my cats. and my computer is useless when it comes to running sl. wait i'm gonna be polite first: i'm morgan, from sweden. and i love horses. yes. i'm all about being close to nature and taking care of it. i'd rather live in a hut in the woods all alone with just my cats and a horse, but apparently that's not something you can do whenever you feel like it. anyways, you seem cool. (plz be my friend)
  4. I literally have no idea what's going on. Serval times now (two or three), my shape has changed without me doing anything. I can be putting on a pair of glasses and all of a sudden my neck is much thicker than before. It's really frustrating when I'm trying to put together an outfit and then have to go freak out over my shape! I really have no idea as what to do. I also don't know if it's my avi changing (which I think it is) or just my clothes etc getting smaller? Gosh, please help me. I constanstly worry about this happening. :(
  5. I'm used to forum based communities, so posting here wasn't very scary. But yea, thanks, I'll work on my profile a bit!
  6. I've been on SL for about four months, but I still don't talk to anyone. It freaks me out to even try! I usually just shop or roam around parks. So yea, I don't know how to make friends. :( Do I just say hello to people? Won't they be bothered? Ugh it's so difficult!
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