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  1. I actually love this section because writing ads is just so fun. I saw your reply in my thread and decided I'd throw some pixie dust at your thread to return the love! We should totally, totally be friends. I'm having a bit of a busy weekend but I should be on within the next day or two and will drop a message to you then, if that'd be okay. :cathappy:
  2. LISTS! The only tragic thing about pasta is, yes, carbs. It pains me to cut them out but alas, I've been replacing most of them with those darn treehugging vegan green smoothies. Bananas are life. I am bananas (and spinach). There's this phenomenon in my life where my best friends since childhood have all been Capricorns. Cliche as can be, but I do consider myself superstitious when it comes to zodiac signs! Lists. So tidy. I've never actually played Cards Against Humanity, and I've heard that it brings out that psychopath in people, so naturally I'd be down to play. If you ever round up
  3. Is this a conspiracy to get me to raise my post count? I'll think about it if you give me a quarter.
  4. Ready for some quick facts? Freshly 21, Midwest, Pisces. I REALLY ENJOY THE FOLLOWING: Eating pasta. We can't talk if you're not a pasta enthusiast. Seriously.Meowing back at my cat when he meows at me first.Sleeping in 'til 3, realizing all the time I wasted, and then proceeding to make it up by watching Netflix until bed time. List making. This is the first of many, just wait and see.Admiring the grey blocks on my screen because my laptop is too tiny and unfit to properly run SL (but I'm a rebel so I do it anyway).But really, I'm just another socially awkward being floating around in cyber s
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