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  1. Hello all, I wanted to let you all know that I have posted Part 1 of the results discussion on my blog. You may take a look at it at: http://planet-postmoderna.com/2014/08/22/second-life-resident-survey-results-part-1/ I address the first 5 questions from the survey. In order to keep the information manageable, I am breaking the discussion down into parts. Feel free to leave comments and your thoughts about the information in the comments section. I would love to hear what you think. Have a great weekend! ~Flap
  2. Laika Ravikumar wrote: I disagree that you can't have a long relationship in SL without meeting in RL. Mine lasted almost 6 years without us actually meeting, so it does happen. Thanks for sharing that Laika. That is very encouraging. May I reach out to you later about your relationship when we cross that point in the project?
  3. fireandheart wrote: While your intentions are interesting and valid Flapman, I would venture to guess that the real secret involved in successful SL relationships (as in ones that lasted more than say a year) involved the parties meeting in RL. The vast majority of SL relationships are short (average 3 months or so), fraught with drama (such as but not limited to alts and/or cheating), or in the worst cases were based upon lies. Yes, I have noticed that from inworld conversations I have had with various residents from various SL walks of life. But, I also venture there are a lot of successful ones out there and there is promise an potential that relationships started in SL could become RL ones. One challenge that I see people facing is that it is hard enough as it is in RL with the numerous dating options available though online dating to have a solid long-lasting relationship. People invest little time and energy in that relationship when they know that if things aren't "perfect" they have other options. In SL, where you can be who you want and have multiple alts to fall back on (you just delete your alt and be someone different), you end up with situations with no consequence. People have too many options and bad behavior can be gotten away with. I do beleive though that there are more good people out there than rotten ones (although the latter is what we remember the most) and SL and virtual worlds in general present some unique and unlimited possibilities to meet someone, get to know them, make it last (maybe even meet in person someday) in an environment and way that online and conventional dating could not even touch.
  4. InvertedSunlight wrote: I'd be interested in watching/listening to such a show. I like hearing othe people's stories. I'm also curious about SL relationships - relationships in general really, and how people make them work. Yes this will be an interesting topic to discuss and learn more about. Thanks for your feedback. ~J
  5. Hi Meldina, Thanks for your feedback. Giving everyone a neutral sounding board is an important element of this. ~J
  6. Hi Perrie, Thanks for your comments. I have been gathering data since April and can assure you that the data is not skewed. Even the recent completes from the recent push on these forums, lines up with the previous results. I am installing more terminals in-world and am pretty confident the results will be inline as well. Also, if you are among those that take SL seriously, you, like others, would go ahead and complete the survey and answer in ernest because, you would see the value and benefit of this data. You are probably right that the show will defintely be entertaining but truthfully, since we are trying to help people, we are going to do our best to not have it turned into a circus (as I share with Dres). Oh also, just for FYI, for now, the show will be a radio broadcast. Later, will consider a video broadcast. Again, thanks for your feedback. It means a lot. ~J Perrie Juran wrote: Flapman wrote: To add to this, based on a survey that I did with Postmoderna SL recently, it has been established that most residents participate in SL for entertainment purposes. Nope. A self selecting Survey establishes nothing. At best all it established is that the respondents who chose to participate view SL this way. And while I might agree with this assessment my agreement would only be anecdotal. I still have no hard facts to prove it. I'd also venture that people like myself who take SL a little more seriously opted not to do your survey thus skewing the results. Personally, while I might watch the show out of curiosity or for humors sake, personally I wouldn't get involved.
  7. Hi Dres, Actually, since we are legitimately trying to help people and do not want to turn the show into a "circus," it will be neither of those. ~J
  8. Take the the time to chime in.... Background Info and IntroWith regards to interpersonal relationships, Second Life is really no more than an extension of real life. Relationships inside our “second life” are not much different than those in our real life. The core dynamics of both healthy and unhealthy versions in each case, is the same. Although many people may feel that they can keep their “Second Life” separate from their real life, you can only do that for so long. Your true self eventually comes through. Who you really are inside, always comes through. You are afterall, YOU. When the waters of relationships get bumpy where does one turn? In most cases, we turn to friends or family to talk about our hurt or our challenges. With regards to the relationships we engage inside of SL, reaching outside for help may be tricky. “Are you crazy?,” “It’s only a game,” or “that is not a real relationship,” are some of the things we are bound to hear. In these cases we may not feel like we have a place to turn or even that our real life friends can only do so much. They just don’t get our interests in virtual worlds and may even shun us because of our “obsession.” But, what if we could have access to a life coach, spiritual counselor or just a good ear to listen to when we need one? To be able to talk to someone that understands what we are experiencing? That person(s) understands virtual worlds and the dynamics of relationships within them. They would actually hear what we have to say and “get it.” Would that be a good thing? We think so. We are looking at launching a radio show soon that is designed to do just that. Right now, we are only gauging interest for the show and are asking for your feedback about whether there would be a place for this in Second Life. Although, we think there is a value and a need, we want to hear first from you, the community. The live show (which will also recorded for later access and rebroadcast as well) will be conducted by myself and my co-host, both of us with a keen sense of people and relationships. My co-host, has strong empathic abilities and we are both highly intuitive with with a strong sense of compassion and love for helping people through their personal challenges. The interaction between us will be a good part of the show and we will both add some really good insight into the show’s relationship discussions. Together, we will be able to bring a male and female perspective to all the discussions and hopefully provide a great platform for healing and communication in SL relationships, which in turn, will ripple outward into all of our own real life relationships. I have on so many occasions heard from people in SL, “I am a better person in here, more than I am in RL.” I believe, SL can be a testbed for trying out things that make us better people in general and in both worlds. SL is kind of our Real Life Beta Test for making us better people. The others out there that make it bad for all of us? Well, we will talk about them too. We might even get a few of them on the show. To add to this, based on a survey that I did with Postmoderna SL recently, it has been established that most residents participate in SL for entertainment purposes. With that said, one could argue that SL is just a “game” or merely a mode of external entertainment. A question here could be, are social mediums such as SL or virtual worlds in general, truly “games” when real feelings come into play and people get hurt? Our take on this is “no” they are not. Following along the path that our view of virtual worlds are extensions of real life, the needs, desires and support requirements needed in real life still exist in Second Life. The need to have a place to be heard, talk about relationships and personal issues, etc, is as real here as it is in real life. This has been resonated many times in posts I have read on these very forums and conversations I have been part of inside of Second Life. In our show and this relationship project which, for now we will call “Soul Intervention,” we will be offering information and guidance tailored to the needs of each individual circumstance focussing on the dynamic of interpersonal relationships and the power of being true to one’s self. We will conduct interviews with SL residents that have successful virtual world relationships (talking about what they attribute their success to and what challenges they have faced), and just creating a sounding board for general SL and RL discussions that people can turn to and learn from. The discussions will be guided and each show will have a basic topic that will be the primary focus on that day. Stay tuned for more content about this and a feedback questionnaire we will shortly make available. In the mean time feel free to provide feedback in this post about your thoughts, questions and/or comments about this project. Let us know if you think this would be a worthwhile effort and what subject content you would like to hear more about and talk about further. We will be building interaction on the forums so feel free to post questions you have about relationships and expect to get feedback from us as you do. Thanks in advance, Jonah PS. We are serious about doing this so don’t take it lightly. We want to hear from you and would like to see this part of the project succeed. Postmoderna SL “Making Second Life and virtual life, a better place, one sim at time.”
  9. Hi LilliBeth, You make some astute observations. I can share that my own experiences with people SL is in line with a lot of what you have said. People tend to be very guarded and secretive in SL however, I don't think that is the overall and typical dynamic. There is also a popular view that many people in SL just as in the online dating arena, are married or in relationships in RL already. Intersting that happens to be a popular belief. You mentioned the "bored" aspect of possible stay-at-home moms/dads., etc and the appeal of something like SL or FB. I think the alure is there but I find it hard to beleive that many people would look to SL for virtual romantic trists. I chuckle at that prospect though because in 2009 I read an article in the Wall Street Journal about broken marriages and relationships due to their maintained "second lives" in virtual worlds like Second Life. I found it a very interesting article. They showed several examples of virtual affairs that destroyed their real-life relationships. However, like all media coverage there is another side to the story and most times the published story represents a few people and not the overall population. It is also interesting what you mentioned about Facebook. The dynamic and model of social media is going to change though. I always knew we would cross this point. Social Media and Virtual World technoloy are at a crossroads. SL and FB are just parts of this new frontier we will be entering into. Now that FB owns Oculus Rift, you can bet we will see the evolution of social engagement as it moves into the next level...Interactive Virtual Environments on a grander scale. You watch. It is right around the corner. I am getting ready to start the prelaunch phase of another Postmoderna SL project. It is based on a belief that SL is just an extension of RL for most people and the problems they have can be dealt with and counseled in SL just like in RL. We will be starting a live talk show that deals with relationships in SL and virtual worlds and helping people through the challenges they have...giving them a sounding board to talk about them. As I mentioned, this project is in the prelaunch phase and we will be doing another survey in the Relationships Forum to guage interest. It should be interesting to see the results. Now back to the subject of this demographic survey.... I have also experienced some interesting aspects in SL that I will likely comment about when I am ready to do my assesment. I have noticed some common denominators in SL that I did not address in the survey. I have been exposed to a fair amount of people that are either disabled, ill, or unable to work. SL for the most part is "their life." They run successful businesses or are actively engaged socially in SL because that keeps them sane, keeps them busy, keeps them happy. There also is an interesting psychological aspect where many people seem broken to some degree. It is the case in RL too for people over the age of 40 since we all have baggage and life experiences that mess us up to some degree. I wonder though if there is something about the anonymous "we can be who we want to be in SL" aspect in SL and virtual worlds in general that amplifies this. This would be an interesting thing to test at some point. Again thanks for your interest and support. Stay tuned for the results. I will be working on them in the weeks ahead. I want to put some more survey terminals out in SL to gather more data. ~J
  10. Hi there, Yes thanks for taking part. You are correct about the income part of the equation. I am going to look at if there is a relationship between Lindens purchased, income, geo location and age when I go through all this. ~A
  11. Hiya, Yes, it is rather interesting material. I want to point out though that more than half of the respondents are prior to the push on the forums. The percentages are holding true from before. The mean age is definitely between 41 and 51. I think that is because SL is really a more mature and adult virtual world. Also, since a majority of the respondents have been in SL for >5 years, many of these people were 35+ when they started and are still in SL. I find that to indicate maturity and localty to the genre of Virtual Worlds that SL represents. I think it will be interesting to see what other relationships exist when diving deeper into the data. I am likely to continue to put my survey terminals in more places inworld to get more data. Thanks again for your feedback and your support. ~J
  12. Hiya Cathy, Thanks for your feedback. Actually I had received survey completes from SL11B and from other inworld locations. I have put my survey monitors in clubs, stores (MP and inworld). I tried my best to spread out the resident exposure. Ironically, I noticed the responses have been pretty similar in all places. Thanks again for your feedback. ~J
  13. Hi all, I wanted to update everyone about the status of the survey. It is still going on since I only have 98 responses right now. I need to get it up above 100 to have a reasonable margin of accuracy. I will be okay with a 90% confidence level (the 100+ mark). We are so close!!! As I shared peviously, the intent of the survey was to gather enough info about residents for use in modeling the demographic make-up of the Second Life Resident population. I would like to be able to post the results in the next couple of weeks on my website. You can find the Postmoderna SL Survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/68RB2F7 You can also look at the current results at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-29GB53R/ Thanks in advance, Flapman PS. I am still giving away a copy of the brownstone to anyone that completes it. You can use the link address at the end or the survey or wait for me to send it to you inworld. PSS. If you could, also take the time to post a comment in this thread about how you think this kind of info could be valuable to SL Residents and Business Owners as well as how it could effectively be used.
  14. Hi all, Happy Monday. Just wanted to get a bump up on this. I just need a few more completed surveys to get over the hump. If you have not taken it yet, please do. I could also use any help in getting the word out. Thanks in advance, J
  15. Just a bump everyone. I am at 97 completes and need to break 100 this weekend. So if you have not taken the Postmoderna SL Resident survey, go on into it. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/68RB2F7 Thanks in advance. ~J
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