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  1. (`'·.¸🍸 T I P S Y 🍸¸.·'´) (¸.·'´🍸 T U E S D A Y 🍸`'·.¸) 🎧 WHO → DJ ROXM ✈ WHERE → Calipso Storm Club ⏰ WHEN → LIVE ! 4pm - 6pm SLT 💃 HOST → LUH C ..··◯··.. O /) (\ M «(_i_)» E \ I / « ﻜнαкє Ƭнαт Ąѕѕ! » http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Sapphire/83/154/22
  2. Hello, I'm currently seeking out contacts with events that update say monthly or weekly or ongoing to place under an event title in a sim with a club (@ our community center), stores, art gallery and more. It's an adult sim so would like events that are okay to go to from there and vice versa *(eventually to have a board with events & info from our sim hopefully placed on your land with events) so, I would not welcome a board for children avatar events or the like. If you have similar idea but different than mine IM me the details or for any other discusison related to thi
  3. Thanks hugibear, I'm very busy ,... so, when you get online and could pop me an IM that would make it quicker for me to be in-touch with you.. Otherwise, I'll be in contact when I have a moment to. Apolez Taurus
  4. Thanks norajulian, I was actually coming here to do just that... Well Possible long-term gig.. Yes an ad campaign.. The first shoot will be a group photo of 6-10ish avatars. would like a good photo of them from front and back.. thinking to make a set up scene and put pose balls out. I'm not sure how they will all fit so depending maybe 2 shots of it? front and back .. then just a waist to top of head shot for my caspervend for each avatar. Thanks. I'm unsure of my budget at this time. So just want to get ideas.. I do possibly have someone helping me take them , and event
  5. Hey, Need to see samples of your photography and rate/s for shoots; and then, possibly meet up and discuss in-world. Thanks! Apolez Taurus You can send the information to me in-world.. @ Apolez Taurus
  6. Years ago I joined speed dating a few times, met a couple or one friend that lasted. I think that they no longer exist though because the search didn't bring them up; although I found this one that said speed dating is coming soon. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Yellowstone Falls/114/210/41 ,anyways that was pretty fun and I got to meet and talk to a bunch potential longer dates in a short time. Good Luck. Apolez Taurus
  7. Hello, I was wondering If I can get notecards on your pricing and services, how much and what your offering to do. It's for a club that is going to be opening it's doors soon.. Thanks Apolez Taurus I'd prefer to get messed in-world, usually online even when afk. although of course I'll check back here. Thanks again.
  8. I'll be in touch EveAn01 and Maditzica in-world when I get a moment... unless you're in-world and feel like messaging me... I'd like to meet up and see your avatar in person and discuss a bit to see if you'd be a good fit and/or if you'd still like to be a model for DJ Taurus Couture.. Thanks so much for the interest. Eager to meet you. Apolez Taurus
  9. I'm a sucker for Ga.eg for I wear that head and many never heard of it, yet think they are starting to get big.. I have an older version though and not even wanting to switch atm.. happy with it.
  10. Thanks so much for all who got in-touch.. I have more than enough for the shoot.. and very grateful .... If you'd still like to model for DJ Taurus Couture , get in touch and we'll meet up and discuss. For future items. Thanks again All , have a great day.. xoox
  11. Alwin Alcott I'll post you a pic when it's done, possible mid feb *(aiming for at least) latest. Because also doing a bunch of other things in sl too atm. Hopefully you'll be pleasantly pleased with the results.
  12. xoxo Thanks Drake, I'll IM you about it In-world well and see you online, hehe... And attempt to get in touch with you SmolChan & you as well mspinkshoes when I log in, thanks for your interest.
  13. If you wish to get underpaid up on a ladder, put on a sponge and wash the windows... to get 2L an hour,, be my guest Here : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Sapphire/35/192/22 @ DJ Taurus Couture Store Re-opening soon... Thanks, Apolez Taurus
  14. Anyone bored and want to adjust positions on an adult rated rock for me, if you're a couple that's best .. hmm ther emight be more things there is a towel next to it and the floaters hmm anythign else u can find be my guest http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Sapphire/6/113/22.
  15. Gooooood Morning Vietnam!! This is your wake up call, to get a J O B ! In second life that is.. And why not get in @ the start of a Grand Opening. Calipso Storm will soon be opening it's doors to the public. But.. first things first, we need some more Staff! If you are interested in working for wonderful people like myself hehe, not to brag but.. I'm awesome!! I'm the General Manager @ the Calipso Storm Club and working hard to find a great team, or make one with training being offered. I also have some amazing staff members on board. All amazing in their own individual
  16. Hello, I'm launching a new jacket soon for my store that is soon to re-open and need possibly six models. male/female . It is mesh and I'm not sure yet if I'll make to a certain body avatar but it does fit most as is and there will be a resizer in there. I'm not finished yet and not 100% sure when but want to line up the models so when I'm ready they are ready to work. *also can't have big boobs or wacky hair like me, because with the hood it'll show through.. or if you can adjust to these two things.. and whatever other moderations you have to make thanks. I'll discuss further upon con
  17. We are hiring bartenders ,,, ^(for under 30 day avatars)which will be a learning job, you watch, get trained and the requirements are: You have an eagerness to learn, you are punctual you show up for training, and your shifts. when you say you'll be there or give notice that you will not be there. You have personality and spirit, you are energetic a crowd pleaser, you are able to adapt under pressure and talk your ass off. you plan on investing the lindens you earn into saving for a well made avatar and clothes, ao. You take well to rules and to constructive criticism,, Usua
  18. Hey, Welcome to Second Life, I may or may not have a job for you. Message me when you're in-world by searching the magnifying glass on the bottom of the browser usually, and clicking on people and pasting Apolez Taurus in there and then click on the right Open Profile and message me by pressing chat. Thanks, Apolez Taurus
  19. Hello Everyone, I have experience decorating mostly for myself. It's actually my favorite thing to do in second life! I was thinking perhaps I should give my services for free in exchange for a review by the one who hires me and have the chance to take some pictures of the work I created. What I'm offering is to decorate what you choose based on what you're looking for. Mostly from my inventory but perhaps purchasing a few items if needed. I have lots of club items along with house, outdoor adult I can do outdoor, indoor, help with a company, store, art gallery
  20. *Also also along with your information in the community center there are a lot of other things we will be doing for our sponsors which include but not limited to having an ad board in the club, occasional announcements promoting your company in our VIP GROUP chat. , a rezzed advertisement during the event your sponsorship will be used, and more.. such as promoting events with Sponsor information, holding an occasional monthly raffle on land.. also still coming up with more ideas as we speak! Also I'm not just limited to a notecard and landmark to be on display I created a menu that
  21. Hello Karenx0, I know I messaged you personally, just felt like posting something here too so here goes: We would prefer someone who voiced but willing to make exceptions for the right DJ's. Experience would be expected, although can train some Avatars if you're really willing to learn and would make a great addition to our team! Thanks for your interest karenx0 Any Questions, you can also message me in-world and come visit! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Sapphire/81/154/22
  22. Hey cindy, Yes, I'm one of them that have posted. We are not officially opened yet. We are working hard to make that happen ASAP! We are looking for hosts, and a DJ Manager at the moment ,if you have at least 6 months experience in DJ'ing on second life for the DJ Manager Position , are 18+ RL and SL avatar and a great look with a winning personality and good leader skills! For the host position you also must be 18+ RL & SL avatar. have a good avatar with a very personable personality that could make anyone feel welcomed, because everyone 18+ is welcome to the
  23. We are currently seeking hosts and willing to train if your avatar is over 30 days old, you are 18+rl in sl avi and in RL and have a personable personality also willing to learn and have fun hosting keeping the crowd excited. Get in-touch with me in-world through IM or notecard. Or meet us at 3pm slt http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dreamworld Sapphire/81/154/22 for the host training class. See you there! Apolez Taurus
  24. Monday 1-11-21 @ 3pm SLT We are currently hiring Hosts; male & female: for the upcoming club Calipso Storm! If you are over 30 days old,18+RL&SL Avatar, Have a sexy avatar, are personable, quick on your feet and willing to learn and want to apply and get training to Host for the club Calipso Storm, come to the class hosted by Apolez Taurus, General Manager. We will go over a variety of topics on what it takes to be a great host. This may or not last three hours and may or may not be extended to more days. It all depends on how it goes, how quick Staff grasps information and
  25. Another update: We are going to have the orientation on training hosts on Monday at 3pm slt. So if you are in need of training and looking for a job and would like to host.. and 30 days old on sl.. and have a good avatar get in touch to join the crew!!
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