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  1. I can't get the colors to the body to even to the same skin tone. The face is a different color too. I need help fixing my skin. I need direction to buy the right mesh head or the right direction to the right skin to wear with both my face or body.
  2. How do you pick the Best body. I have the money to buy it, but there are different thing you will need for the avatar. I dont want to buy the same thing twice. I just want to know what I am doing when I re-buy a new complete avatar. I need to Know who are the best are the best selling compaines and also for my skin too. What do you suggest? I want to be the best i can be but I really dont know where to look first. I've been gone for awhile from Sl. I'm back to have fun.
  3. baked issues cant find the debug button help.
  4. how do I keep my hands from going in my waist. it happens when im in a regular stand.my hands keep going in body? how do I stop this. want her to look normal when shes standing I made her are short and long,plus I made her hands at 1.
  5. it WORKED thank u ARIEL VUISSENT I reads your answer about how to fix my shoes THANK U!
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