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  1. hi there, my shoe base dont work properly, i still can see my feet outside my heels. i bought and tried different shoes (heels) with shoe base and no shoe base makes my feet fit into the shoes. i even bought new bare feet, but the outcome was still the same. My feets with the shoe base looks more or less like a heel-shape, but much to thick, especially under the heel. I am using the avatar i started with (female goth woman) and made some adjustments, e.g. i added a new skin, but i can not image that this would have an influence. i dont know what to do ? I would post a picture, but it seems not possible ? hi, many thanks to all for your quick answer, you gave me a lot of hints i will follow. First i will check out some alpha layers. btw my feet size is zero and to stretch my shoe wont work because my feets are visible beneath the heel. Many thanks again, i will keep you updated - hanna
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