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  1. I had a small lake and was trying to raise the land and I guess I did it too much....long story short...all but about 10 percent of my land is under water. My houses and another building is still there, but there's water all around them. How do I fix this and get my land back? You would think that when you get some land like this, if you make a mistake you can go back and fix it, such as in my case trying to remove a lake and royally messing it up. I guess it's there but couldn't find it. (had to kinda rant...sorry if I offended anyone)
  2. I'm unable to play media streams using the latest Firestorm viewer.....the music icon and the media icons are both grayed out.....how do I get this fixed? In the past I was able to play streams whever I went in SL...not anymore..... Puzzled, Arielle
  3. How does one go about setting the sun position to midday so when I log in to my land, I'm not in the dark? Thanks!
  4. Am I allowed to stream media like iheart radio? If I am allowed, how do I go about setting it up? If I can't, then where can I find audio to be able to stream on my land? Any help would be welcomed!
  5. Is there a way to have weather covering an entire area of 65,536 sqm2? I have a homestead that I want to have different weather at different times of the season .....snow during the winter, you get the point. I've looked and bought a few of the ones that are on the Marketplace, but they don't do the job. Also, how do I prevent the weather from coming INSIDE the buildings on my land?
  6. I am but my other avatar (male) is muscular but not in a over the top style.......he's just right (for me and my main female avatar). I'm guessing that the ones who do the guys think the SL females want their guy to be ridiculously over done.....for me, no way...... Arielle
  7. Xcite is the best that I've seen and use for my avatar......haven't had a problem with them and do recommend it.... Take Care! Arielle
  8. Thanks!!!!!!! I thought that was the way, but didn't want to mess anything on my end....... Arielle
  9. Hopeully someone can help me out with this.....I want to get rid of the chat bar at the bottom left of my viewer....is there a way to get rid of the bar and still have like a chat "bubble" over the avatars? Thanks for the help! Arielle
  10. Ahh...but some might like a silent partner now and then...... :smileywink::smileytongue:
  11. Hi! I have a quick question.....how do I change my land texture on an Estate/Homestead that's 65,536 meters squared from a grass/sand to a snow and/or ice terrain? I have the terrain tiles, but don't know how to do it properly. Can someone tell me how? Thanks Arielle
  12. Hi! If you have a Walgreens nearby, you can get their prepaid card....I use it for my SL and linden purchases with no problems. The Walmart prepaid is OK too...... Hope this helps!
  13. How do I change the sun position to have it always midnight on my land? I've tried, but it doesn't stay that way if I tp to another place and then come back to my land. is there a simple way to do this? Thanks!
  14. I'm working on a project for myself and need guidence, direction, ect.......The project is to create a "husband" to help me around my two houses, and my space station. I know there are "bots" out there can do what I would like my "husband" to do, but I have bigger plans than just a simple 'bot. I know that SL isn't developing for bots, and I have been blown away by the members that do have bots created. Mine would be a total bot, doing everything in the book and then some....kinda like a real husband would. Yes, I know it sounds like and perhaps is a giant pain t
  15. Thanks Amethyst.....The reason for asking is that since there were creation sections for G wrok, then perhaps there is/was such places for the adult stuff. (at least I think there USED to be long ago...) Again, I thought that I would err on the side of caution when asking......it doesn't hurt to do that.... I'll look into it...... Arielle
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