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  1. Thank you for responding, I will start using the 512 sizes in my skin uploads and see if that will help me track down my issues. Hope you have a great day!
  2. I am new to all this, little experience working with blender and photoshop, but minimal. I have made a few things for my pc game, Skyrim, and had good results. I have not encountered the issue's that I am trying to work with the SL platform. I have put a lot of time trying to sort the in's and out's of creating a new skin. I thought I was gaining on it, however, when I load my skin into SL, it appears nothing like it does in photoshop or in blender when applied to an avastar. The colors change such that it loses it's realism and some area's tend to stretch out beyond what most the maps reveal. I realize some of this is do to shaping, but the color and detail lose to me is unexceptable. I realize, from research, SL uses a poor format, but I have seen some skins in SL that look very realistic and amazing. Is there some hidden, secret knowledge within a circle of few, that allows certain creators to upload and maintain the desired look while the rest of us suffer with poor results after putting our hearts into a piece, not to mention the huge amount of time spent on these projects, only to have it all wasted from a poor SL uploading system? I've just recently returned to SL, originally my internet was not good enough to do much in SL. Now, after several many years I have gotten internet service on the mountain and have been trying to get involved with SL again. I am not pleased with my experience as of yet. I have spent many, many hours reading, watching tutorials and experimenting trying to learn how to create for SL and then find out SL demolishes it in a blink of an eye with their terrible formats and lack of support for sharing how to get a better quality upload. Any kind of info regarding getting better upload results would be tremendoulsly appreciated. I use tga format for my uploads and have tried 1024 and 512 sizes with little to no differences.
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