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  1. Then an exception was made for you. It was 7 days as of end of last year anyway.
  2. you have seven days to pay your tier and then you are blocked from logging in. After that, you have no access to any lindens and must pay your delinquency via credit card or other form of outside payment. If you remain delinquent after 30 days, your region/land is reclaimed and your account remains blocked. You can pay your delinquency 30, 60, 120, whatever days and your account will be restored, but your land will be gone. If it was a full region, it will have been shut off and any objects that were on there will have been lost. They are not returned. An account is never truly deleted, but often the inventory is purged after a period of time.
  3. If you leave land and don't take your items, or if you don't pay your rent on time and the land is reclaimed, the landowner can only send them back to you. They can't 'keep' them. Second Life isnt programmed that way. Chances are the items are all clumped together in your lost and found and you just need to go to a sandbox and rezz the clumps I am sure there was a covenant for the land and the land owner has every right to reclaim the land if you do not follow the rules. If that is indeed the case, you have no recourse, only a lesson hopefully learned. Do not expect them to pay for your mistake.
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