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  1. Try logging out and change the location to something with less people like sulu or something like that.
  2. If it was down,im pretty sure it would have a message too inform you that SL is down.
  3. It happened to me a few times. Just try the pose ball later. It could be some miner glitch. Nothing to really worry about.
  4. It happened to me when i first started SL. It is just a glitch and it will blow over in a bit of time. If it don't, find what you want in-world. It is much easier.
  5. Not to be mean but by your spelling I barly know what is going on. I kinda know though. So here is a solution, try doing it later and if it don't work, trying doing it tomorrow.
  6. Maybe it is a glitch. I told me that a few times to. Maybe it is to much action going on. You know, lag,to many people, etc.... Try it the next day.
  7. Here are the links to the security cameras: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AHD-Ceiling-Dome-Camera/113059 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Tredpro-Security-Cameras/744722 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/GCD-100-MESH-SECURITY-CAMERA-With-Auto-Tracking-Visitor-Tracker/3942260
  8. Well,the beds can work even if the owner is offline. That means he has it set up as something. Or the bed is just made like that. Hoped this helped.
  9. Well, It is fairly likely you will find the shop that sells it if you search up a makeup store. Or the easier way is to go to the market place and try to find it. Hope this helped.
  10. It looks like you need a new dance HUD and a new AO. It happened to me and i changed my AO and it worked. If that don't work then you have to stop going to that region and get a new one. I hope this helped.
  11. Try and do the avatar test. Go to develop + avatar + avatar test + test male/female. Keep in mind that it turns your avatar into a starter avatar. Don't worry, everything will be in your inventory.
  12. Sorry to say but if the email is not active then there is no way to get your password back. Unless you abandon your old one and make a new one. Then write down your password. Plus,why would you delate the email that is connected to your account? KaterinaMae wrote: I forgot my password and the email is no longer active. This is just an alt I made up in order to get some info on helping me retrieve it. How can I get my password back? Don't delate the account that is connected to your account. Nor make-up the email.
  13. I'm useing second life veiwer (the beta) my avatar is an egg and i can't find the character test button. Please help!
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