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  1. Thank you, Nova - I did find one that had been updated. It does not do all I wanted it to do, but the price was right!
  2. I am just joining this thread. My issue is not with a DJ board but a DJ HUD to display stream info into chat (and above my head). It stopped working a few weeks ago, and seems to be the same issue as above. Not knowing it was an LL issue I bought a second HUD from another seller, and it fails with the same "Request contains a control character" error. They are no-mod, I can't just go find a script and update it, the creator has not answered in 2 weeks, and I am suspecting she is no longer inworld. I am not a scripter, so I can't make my own (I can add or change script, sometimes I can usually figure the basics out) From what I am reading here LL just changed the coding - and without an updated unit from the maker, I am out of luck? So now I get to go shopping for another, and hope I find a new one that will actually work correctly? Granted I am only out L$400, but the point is that others are out more, I am sure. Why did this happen, and why can't it be fixed? Can anyone suggest a Shoutcast stream HUD that will work now? What if some coding change rendered Bento head HUDs inoperable - would THAT get fixed? /whine over - thank you for any answers or advice. ~ Dream
  3. My previous 'too mature' listing was resolved when I changed the word "prog" to "progressive". I don't understand how this works, and I really want to know who to go to get it fixed, to appeal! "Tonight at 6p SLT we'll be blending the classic rock and blues at Sloe Gin, with more of the Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, Joe Bonamassa, Skynyrd, Travers, Trower, Leslie West and more. Check it out: a new club with old friends and great tunes at Sloe Gin!" Even taking the word "rock" out didn't fix it - I don't want to NOT post, but the work involved is ridiculous. Is there ANYWHERE we can post a complaint that will be looked at? I realize that us NOT using the Event Page hurts us, not the Lindens, but this is crazy! Even if there was a glossary of known 'bad' words or phrases... - 10 minutes later, doing a word-by-word edit, the offensive word was "brothers" - apparenty you can only use the word "brothers" for an event on an "adult" sim. Changing Allman Brothers to Allman's, and th eevent posted as is - and "rock" was allowed
  4. When standing with either of my AOs (a nearly 7-yr old Wet Ikon, and a brand new Vista), or on a dance hud, sitting on a static animation poseball or dancing on an Intan. This only happens on the homestead sim I rent, and on any of the 4 parcels it is divided into, not on any other sim; it happens only to one avatar, my primary, and not to my alt, and it happens regardless of my viewer or the computer I am logged in with (my desktop computer with the current SL viewer, Firestorm 4.5, the laptop with FS 4.4, I even logged on with a SL 1.8 viewer). I have stripped off all clothes and attachments, wearing only 'newb skin, bald base and eyes' and logged in with both computers, and it happened on both of them. I asked the landlady to reset the sim, and it made no change in my avatar. Today I did a clean install of FS 4.6, and now instead of a default SL stand it reverts to the first intan dance I did after the install. I prefered the newb stand Any suggestions? Dream - The problem was solved: while Avatar Health/Stop Avatar Animations had not worked, Stop Avatar Animations & Revoke Permissions seems to have done the trick!
  5. Hello - As soon as I log in, my dual core CPU spikes at 100%, and stays there. This happens with the current official SL Viewer, Phoenix, Firestorm, even the old Nicholaz viewer. If I pull up a small window in front of SL (such as GPU-Z or Cacheman), where I can still see SL messages and monitor my FPS and bandwidth, I see my CPU drop to 'normal' - but as long as SL is the 'active' window, it is spiked at 100%, and SL lags to 2-4fps. This began just over a week ago, and I had made no changes to my system. I have found several articles in the knowledge base concerning lowering the graphic and other settings, disabling threaded optmization, etc, which I did do. I have run MemTest, tested my CPU, swapped out my GPUs, with no difference in this condition. I have 2 bootable HDDs on this computer, one running WinXP-64 and the other running WinXP-32, and this occurs in both set-ups. I have done a fresh install of WinXP64, and run SL before I installed ANYTHING else (antivirus, etc) and this *still* occurred. Today I pulled my RAM, and put in one stick at a time, and swapped each of them out to see if any single one of them caused it (no). All of my other applications (even the graphic intensive ones, like PoserPro) are running normally. I don't play any games, so I cannot say whether Half-life or CoD or any other would do the same. Specs: Intel Pentium D dual core 3GHz 4GB DDR2 800 RAM Windows Pro XP64 nVidia GeForce 8500 GT (x2, SLI enabled) 650w PSU I've spent the past 9 or 10 days beating my head against the wall on this one, pulling out and reseating, cleaning components. Does anyone have any ideas, or similar past issues, and how they solved it? Thank you, ~ Dream
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